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Exodus 30:36 (IHOT)
  36 H7833 ושׁחקת And thou shalt beat H4480 ממנה of H1854 הדק it very small, H5414 ונתתה and put H4480 ממנה of H6440 לפני it before H5715 העדת the testimony H168 באהל in the tabernacle H4150 מועד of the congregation, H834 אשׁר where H3259 אועד I will meet H8033 לך שׁמה where H6944 קדשׁ unto you most holy. H6944 קדשׁים unto you most holy. H1961 תהיה׃ with thee: it shall be
2 Samuel 22:43 (IHOT)
  43 H7833 ואשׁחקם Then did I beat H6083 כעפר them as small as the dust H776 ארץ of the earth, H2916 כטיט them as the mire H2351 חוצות of the street, H1854 אדקם I did stamp H7554 ארקעם׃ did spread them abroad.
Job 14:19 (IHOT)
  19 H68 אבנים the stones: H7833 שׁחקו wear H4325 מים The waters H7857 תשׁטף thou washest away H5599 ספיחיה the things which grow H6083 עפר of the dust H776 ארץ of the earth; H8615 ותקות the hope H582 אנושׁ of man. H6 האבדת׃ and thou destroyest
Psalms 18:42 (IHOT)
  42 H7833 ואשׁחקם Then did I beat them small H6083 כעפר as the dust H5921 על before H6440 פני before H7307 רוח the wind: H2916 כטיט as the dirt H2351 חוצות in the streets. H7324 אריקם׃ I did cast them out
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