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Genesis 11:3 (IHOT)
  3 H559 ויאמרו And they said H376 אישׁ one H413 אל to H7453 רעהו another, H3051 הבה Go to, H3835 נלבנה let us make H3843 לבנים brick, H8313 ונשׂרפה and burn H8316 לשׂרפה them throughly. H1961 ותהי And they had H3843 להם הלבנה brick H68 לאבן for stone, H2564 והחמר and slime H1961 היה had H2563 להם לחמר׃ they for mortar.
Genesis 43:33 (IHOT)
  33 H3427 וישׁבו And they sat H6440 לפניו before H1060 הבכר him, the firstborn H1062 כבכרתו according to his birthright, H6810 והצעיר and the youngest H6812 כצערתו according to his youth: H8539 ויתמהו marveled H376 האנשׁים and the men H376 אישׁ one H413 אל at H7453 רעהו׃ another.
Exodus 2:13 (IHOT)
  13 H3318 ויצא And when he went out H3117 ביום day, H8145 השׁני the second H2009 והנה behold, H8147 שׁני two H376 אנשׁים men H5680 עברים of the Hebrews H5327 נצים strove together: H559 ויאמר and he said H7563 לרשׁע to him that did the wrong, H4100 למה Wherefore H5221 תכה smitest H7453 רעך׃ thou thy fellow?
Exodus 18:7 (IHOT)
  7 H3318 ויצא went out H4872 משׁה And Moses H7125 לקראת to meet H2859 חתנו his father-in-law, H7812 וישׁתחו and did obeisance, H5401 וישׁק and kissed H7592 לו וישׁאלו him; and they asked H376 אישׁ each H7453 לרעהו other H7965 לשׁלום of welfare; H935 ויבאו and they came H168 האהלה׃ into the tent.
Exodus 20:17 (IHOT)
  17 H3808 לא Thou shalt not H2530 תחמד covet H1004 בית house, H7453 רעך thy neighbor's H3808 לא thou shalt not H2530 תחמד covet H802 אשׁת wife, H7453 רעך thy neighbor's H5650 ועבדו nor his manservant, H519 ואמתו nor his maidservant, H7794 ושׁורו nor his ox, H2543 וחמרו nor his ass, H3605 וכל nor any thing H834 אשׁר that H7453 לרעך׃ thy neighbor's.
Exodus 22:9 (IHOT)
  9 H5921 על For H3605 כל all H1697 דבר manner H6588 פשׁע of trespass, H5921 על for H7794 שׁור ox, H5921 על for H2543 חמור ass, H5921 על for H7716 שׂה sheep, H5921 על for H8008 שׂלמה raiment, H5921 על for H3605 כל any manner H9 אבדה of lost thing, H834 אשׁר which H559 יאמר challengeth H3588 כי to be his, H1931 הוא   H2088 זה   H5704 עד before H430 האלהים the judges; H935 יבא shall come H1697 דבר the cause H8147 שׁניהם of both parties H834 אשׁר whom H7561 ירשׁיען shall condemn, H430 אלהים the judges H7999 ישׁלם he shall pay H8147 שׁנים double H7453 לרעהו׃ unto his neighbor.
Exodus 32:27 (IHOT)
  27 H559 ויאמר And he said H3541 להם כה unto them, Thus H559 אמר saith H3068 יהוה the LORD H430 אלהי God H3478 ישׂראל of Israel, H7760 שׂימו Put H376 אישׁ every man H2719 חרבו his sword H5921 על by H3409 ירכו his side, H5674 עברו go in H7725 ושׁובו and out H8179 משׁער from gate H8179 לשׁער to gate H4264 במחנה throughout the camp, H2026 והרגו and slay H376 אישׁ every man H853 את   H251 אחיו his brother, H376 ואישׁ and every man H853 את   H7453 רעהו his companion, H376 ואישׁ and every man H853 את   H7138 קרבו׃ his neighbor.
Exodus 33:11 (IHOT)
  11 H1696 ודבר spoke H3068 יהוה And the LORD H413 אל unto H4872 משׁה Moses H6440 פנים face H413 אל to H6440 פנים face, H834 כאשׁר as H1696 ידבר speaketh H376 אישׁ a man H413 אל unto H7453 רעהו his friend. H7725 ושׁב And he turned again H413 אל into H4264 המחנה the camp: H8334 ומשׁרתו but his servant H3091 יהושׁע Joshua, H1121 בן the son H5126 נון of Nun, H5288 נער a young man, H3808 לא not H4185 ימישׁ departed H8432 מתוך out of H168 האהל׃ the tabernacle.
Leviticus 20:10 (IHOT)
  10 H376 ואישׁ And the man H834 אשׁר that H5003 ינאף committeth adultery H854 את with H802 אשׁת wife, H376 אישׁ man's H834 אשׁר that H5003 ינאף committeth adultery H854 את with H802 אשׁת wife, H7453 רעהו his neighbor's H4191 מות shall surely be put to death. H4191 יומת shall surely be put to death. H5003 הנאף the adulterer H5003 והנאפת׃ and the adulteress
Deuteronomy 4:42 (IHOT)
  42 H5127 לנס might flee H8033 שׁמה thither, H7523 רוצח That the slayer H834 אשׁר which H7523 ירצח should kill H853 את   H7453 רעהו his neighbor H1097 בבלי unawares, H1847 דעת unawares, H1931 והוא   H3808 לא him not H8130 שׂנא and hated H8543 לו מתמל   H8032 שׁלשׁם   H5127 ונס and that fleeing H413 אל unto H259 אחת one H4480 מן in times past; H5892 הערים cities H411 האל these H2425 וחי׃ he might live: