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Ezra 5:10 (IHOT)
  10 H638 ואף also, H8036 שׁמהתהם their names H7593 שׁאלנא We asked H3046 להם להודעותך to certify H1768 די thee, that H3790 נכתב we might write H8036 שׁם the names H1400 גבריא of the men H1768 די that H7217 בראשׁיהם׃ the chief
Daniel 2:28 (IHOT)
  28 H1297 ברם But H383 איתי there is H426 אלה a God H8065 בשׁמיא in heaven H1541 גלא that revealeth H7328 רזין secrets, H3046 והודע and maketh known H4430 למלכא to the king H5020 נבוכדנצר Nebuchadnezzar H4101 מה what H1768 די what H1934 להוא shall be H320 באחרית in the latter H3118 יומיא days. H2493 חלמך Thy dream, H2376 וחזוי and the visions H7217 ראשׁך of thy head H5922 על upon H4903 משׁכבך thy bed, H1836 דנה are these; H1932 הוא׃  
Daniel 3:27 (IHOT)
  27 H3673 ומתכנשׁין being gathered together, H324 אחשׁדרפניא And the princes, H5460 סגניא governors, H6347 ופחותא and captains, H1907 והדברי counselors, H4430 מלכא and the king's H2370 חזין saw H1400 לגבריא men, H479 אלך these H1768 די upon whose H3809 לא had no power, H7981 שׁלט had no power, H5135 נורא the fire H1655 בגשׁמהון bodies H8177 ושׂער was a hair H7217 ראשׁהון of their head H3809 לא nor H2761 התחרך singed, H5622 וסרבליהון were their coats H3809 לא neither H8133 שׁנו changed, H7382 וריח the smell H5135 נור of fire H3809 לא nor H5709 עדת׃ had passed
Daniel 4:5 (IHOT)
  5 H2493 חלם a dream H2370 חזית I saw H1763 וידחלנני which made me afraid, H2031 והרהרין and the thoughts H5922 על upon H4903 משׁכבי my bed H2376 וחזוי and the visions H7217 ראשׁי of my head H927 יבהלנני׃ troubled
Daniel 7:9 (IHOT)
  9 H2370 חזה   H1934 הוית   H5705 עד till H1768 די till H3764 כרסון the thrones H7412 רמיו were cast down, H6268 ועתיק and the Ancient H3118 יומין of days H3488 יתב did sit, H3831 לבושׁה whose garment H8517 כתלג as snow, H2358 חור white H8177 ושׂער and the hair H7217 ראשׁה of his head H6015 כעמר wool: H5343 נקא like the pure H3764 כרסיה his throne H7631 שׁביבין flame, H1768 די the fiery H5135 נור the fiery H1535 גלגלוהי his wheels H5135 נור fire. H1815 דלק׃ burning
Daniel 7:20 (IHOT)
  20 H5922 ועל And of H7162 קרניא horns H6236 עשׂר the ten H1768 די that H7217 בראשׁה in his head, H317 ואחרי and the other H1768 די which H5559 סלקת came up, H5308 ונפלו fell; H4481 מן and before H6925 קדמיה and before H8532 תלת whom three H7162 וקרנא horn H1797 דכן even that H5870 ועינין that had eyes, H6433 לה ופם and a mouth H4449 ממלל that spoke H7260 רברבן very great things, H2376 וחזוה whose look H7229 רב more stout H4481 מן than H2273 חברתה׃ his fellows.