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Isaiah 30:6 (IHOT)
  6 H4853 משׂא The burden H929 בהמות of the beasts H5045 נגב of the south: H776 בארץ into the land H6869 צרה of trouble H6695 וצוקה and anguish, H3833 לביא whence the young H3918 ולישׁ and old lion, H1992 מהם   H660 אפעה the viper H8314 ושׂרף and fiery flying serpent, H5774 מעופף and fiery flying serpent, H5375 ישׂאו they will carry H5921 על upon H3802 כתף the shoulders H5895 עירים of young asses, H2428 חילהם their riches H5921 ועל upon H1707 דבשׁת the bunches H1581 גמלים of camels, H214 אוצרתם and their treasures H5921 על to H5971 עם a people H3808 לא shall not H3276 יועילו׃ profit
Isaiah 59:5 (IHOT)
  5 H1000 ביצי eggs, H6848 צפעוני cockatrice' H1234 בקעו They hatch H6980 וקורי web: H5908 עכבישׁ the spider's H707 יארגו and weave H398 האכל he that eateth H1000 מביציהם of their eggs H4191 ימות dieth, H2116 והזורה and that which is crushed H1234 תבקע breaketh out H660 אפעה׃ into a viper.
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