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Genesis 28:2 (IHOT)
  2 H6965 קום Arise, H1980 לך go H6307 פדנה ארם to Padan-aram, H1004 ביתה to the house H1328 בתואל of Bethuel H1 אבי father; H517 אמך thy mother's H3947 וקח and take H8033 לך משׁם from thence H802 אשׁה thee a wife H1323 מבנות of the daughters H3837 לבן of Laban H251 אחי brother. H517 אמך׃ thy mother's
Genesis 28:6 (IHOT)
  6 H7200 וירא saw H6215 עשׂו When Esau H3588 כי that H1288 ברך had blessed H3327 יצחק Isaac H853 את   H3290 יעקב Jacob, H7971 ושׁלח   H853 אתו   H6307 פדנה ארם to Padan-aram, H3947 לקחת to take H8033 לו משׁם from thence; H802 אשׁה him a wife H1288 בברכו and that as he blessed H853 אתו   H6680 ויצו him he gave him a charge, H5921 עליו him he gave him a charge, H559 לאמר saying, H3808 לא Thou shalt not H3947 תקח take H802 אשׁה a wife H1323 מבנות of the daughters H3667 כנען׃ of Canaan;
Genesis 28:7 (IHOT)
  7 H8085 וישׁמע obeyed H3290 יעקב And that Jacob H413 אל obeyed H1 אביו his father H413 ואל   H517 אמו and his mother, H1980 וילך and was gone H6307 פדנה ארם׃ to Padan-aram;
Genesis 31:18 (IHOT)
  18 H5090 וינהג And he carried away H853 את   H3605 כל all H4735 מקנהו his cattle, H853 ואת   H3605 כל and all H7399 רכשׁו his goods H834 אשׁר which H7408 רכשׁ he had gotten, H4735 מקנה the cattle H7075 קנינו of his getting, H834 אשׁר which H7408 רכשׁ he had gotten H6307 בפדן ארם in Padan-aram, H935 לבוא for to go H413 אל to H3327 יצחק Isaac H1 אביו his father H776 ארצה in the land H3667 כנען׃ of Canaan.
Genesis 48:7 (IHOT)
  7 H589 ואני And as for me, H935 בבאי when I came H6307 מפדן   H4191 מתה died H5921 עלי by H7354 רחל Rachel H776 בארץ me in the land H3667 כנען of Canaan H1870 בדרך in the way, H5750 בעוד when yet H3530 כברת but a little H776 ארץ way H935 לבא to come H672 אפרתה unto Ephrath: H6912 ואקברה and I buried H8033 שׁם her there H1870 בדרך in the way H672 אפרת of Ephrath; H1931 הוא the same H1035 בית לחם׃ Bethlehem.