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Ezra 4:15 (IHOT)
  15 H1768 די That H1240 יבקר search may be made H5609 בספר in the book H1799 דכרניא of the records H1768 די of H2 אבהתך thy fathers: H7912 ותהשׁכח so shalt thou find H5609 בספר in the book H1799 דכרניא of the records, H3046 ותנדע and know H1768 די that H7149 קריתא city H1791 דך this H7149 קריא city, H4779 מרדא a rebellious H5142 ומהנזקת and hurtful H4430 מלכין unto kings H4083 ומדנן and provinces, H849 ואשׁתדור sedition H5648 עבדין and that they have moved H1459 בגוה within the same H4481 מן of H3118 יומת time: H5957 עלמא old H5922 על for H1836 דנה which cause H7149 קריתא city H1791 דך was this H2718 החרבת׃ destroyed.
Ezra 6:1 (IHOT)
  1 H116 באדין Then H1868 דריושׁ Darius H4430 מלכא the king H7761 שׂם made H2942 טעם a decree, H1240 ובקרו and search was made H1005 בבית in the house H5609 ספריא of the rolls, H1768 די where H1596 גנזיא the treasures H5182 מהחתין were laid up H8536 תמה where H895 בבבל׃ in Babylon.
Ezra 6:18 (IHOT)
  18 H6966 והקימו And they set H3549 כהניא the priests H6392 בפלגתהון in their divisions, H3879 ולויא and the Levites H4255 במחלקתהון in their courses, H5922 על for H5673 עבידת the service H426 אלהא of God, H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem; H3792 ככתב as it is written H5609 ספר in the book H4873 משׁה׃ of Moses.
Daniel 7:10 (IHOT)
  10 H5103 נהר stream H1768 די   H5135 נור   H5047 נגד issued H5312 ונפק and came forth H4481 מן from H6925 קדמוהי before H506 אלף him: thousand H506 אלפים thousands H8120 ישׁמשׁונה ministered H7240 ורבו unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand H7240 רבון unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand H6925 קדמוהי before H6966 יקומון stood H1780 דינא him: the judgment H3488 יתב was set, H5609 וספרין and the books H6606 פתיחו׃ were opened.