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Genesis 8:2 (IHOT)
  2 H5534 ויסכרו were stopped, H4599 מעינת The fountains H8415 תהום also of the deep H699 וארבת and the windows H8064 השׁמים of heaven H3607 ויכלא was restrained; H1653 הגשׁם and the rain H4480 מן from H8064 השׁמים׃ heaven
Psalms 63:11 (IHOT)
  11 H4428 והמלך But the king H8055 ישׂמח shall rejoice H430 באלהים in God; H1984 יתהלל by him shall glory: H3605 כל every one H7650 הנשׁבע that sweareth H3588 בו כי but H5534 יסכר shall be stopped. H6310 פי the mouth H1696 דוברי of them that speak H8267 שׁקר׃ lies
Isaiah 19:4 (IHOT)
  4 H5534 וסכרתי will I give over H853 את   H4714 מצרים And the Egyptians H3027 ביד into the hand H113 אדנים lord; H7186 קשׁה of a cruel H4428 ומלך king H5794 עז and a fierce H4910 ימשׁל shall rule H5002 בם נאם over them, saith H113 האדון the Lord, H3068 יהוה the LORD H6635 צבאות׃ of hosts.