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Ruth 3:3 (IHOT)
  3 H7364 ורחצת Wash H5480 וסכת thyself therefore, and anoint H7760 ושׂמת thee, and put H8071 שׂמלתך thy raiment H5921 עליך upon H3381 וירדתי thee, and get thee down H1637 הגרן to the floor: H408 אל make not thyself known H3045 תודעי make not thyself known H376 לאישׁ unto the man, H5704 עד until H3615 כלתו he shall have done H398 לאכל eating H8354 ולשׁתות׃ and drinking.
2 Samuel 12:20 (IHOT)
  20 H6965 ויקם arose H1732 דוד Then David H776 מהארץ from the earth, H7364 וירחץ and washed, H5480 ויסך and anointed H2498 ויחלף and changed H8071 שׂמלתו his apparel, H935 ויבא and came H1004 בית into the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H7812 וישׁתחו and worshiped: H935 ויבא then he came H413 אל to H1004 ביתו his own house; H7592 וישׁאל and when he required, H7760 וישׂימו they set H3899 לו לחם bread H398 ויאכל׃ before him, and he did eat.
2 Samuel 14:2 (IHOT)
  2 H7971 וישׁלח sent H3097 יואב And Joab H8620 תקועה to Tekoah, H3947 ויקח and fetched H8033 משׁם thence H802 אשׁה woman, H2450 חכמה a wise H559 ויאמר and said H413 אליה unto H56 התאבלי feign thyself to be a mourner, H4994 נא her, I pray thee, H3847 ולבשׁי and put on H4994 נא now H899 בגדי apparel, H60 אבל mourning H408 ואל not H5480 תסוכי and anoint H8081 שׁמן thyself with oil, H1961 והיית but be H802 כאשׁה as a woman H2088 זה that H3117 ימים time H7227 רבים had a long H56 מתאבלת mourned H5921 על for H4191 מת׃ the dead:
2 Chronicles 28:15 (IHOT)
  15 H6965 ויקמו rose up, H376 האנשׁים And the men H834 אשׁר which H5344 נקבו were expressed H8034 בשׁמות by name H2388 ויחזיקו and took H7633 בשׁביה the captives, H3605 וכל all H4636 מערמיהם that were naked H3847 הלבישׁו clothed H4480 מן and with H7998 השׁלל the spoil H3847 וילבשׁום among them, and arrayed H5274 וינעלום them, and shod H398 ויאכלום them, and gave them to eat H8248 וישׁקום and to drink, H5480 ויסכום and anointed H5095 וינהלום them, and carried H2543 בחמרים of them upon asses, H3605 לכל all H3782 כושׁל the feeble H935 ויביאום and brought H3405 ירחו them to Jericho, H5892 עיר   H8558 התמרים   H681 אצל to H251 אחיהם their brethren: H7725 וישׁובו then they returned H8111 שׁמרון׃ to Samaria.
Ezekiel 16:9 (IHOT)
  9 H7364 וארחצך Then washed H4325 במים I thee with water; H7857 ואשׁטף yea, I throughly washed away H1818 דמיך thy blood H5921 מעליך from H5480 ואסכך thee, and I anointed H8081 בשׁמן׃ thee with oil.