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2 Samuel 2:26 (IHOT)
  26 H7121 ויקרא called H74 אבנר Then Abner H413 אל to H3097 יואב Joab, H559 ויאמר and said, H5331 הלנצח forever? H398 תאכל devour H2719 חרב Shall the sword H3808 הלוא thou not H3045 ידעתה knowest H3588 כי that H4751 מרה bitterness H1961 תהיה it will be H314 באחרונה in the latter end? H5704 ועד how long H4970 מתי   H3808 לא shall it be then, ere H559 תאמר thou bid H5971 לעם the people H7725 לשׁוב return H310 מאחרי from following H251 אחיהם׃ their brethren?
Job 4:20 (IHOT)
  20 H1242 מבקר from morning H6153 לערב to evening: H3807 יכתו They are destroyed H1097 מבלי without any H7760 משׂים regarding H5331 לנצח forever H6 יאבדו׃ they perish
Job 14:20 (IHOT)
  20 H8630 תתקפהו Thou prevailest H5331 לנצח forever H1980 ויהלך against him, and he passeth: H8138 משׁנה thou changest H6440 פניו his countenance, H7971 ותשׁלחהו׃ and sendest him away.
Job 20:7 (IHOT)
  7 H1561 כגללו like his own dung: H5331 לנצח forever H6 יאבד he shall perish H7200 ראיו they which have seen H559 יאמרו him shall say, H335 איו׃ Where
Job 23:7 (IHOT)
  7 H8033 שׁם There H3477 ישׁר the righteous H3198 נוכח might dispute H5973 עמו with H6403 ואפלטה him; so should I be delivered H5331 לנצח forever H8199 משׁפטי׃ from my judge.
Job 36:7 (IHOT)
  7 H3808 לא not H1639 יגרע He withdraweth H6662 מצדיק from the righteous: H5869 עיניו his eyes H854 ואת but with H4428 מלכים kings H3678 לכסא on the throne; H3427 וישׁיבם yea, he doth establish H5331 לנצח them forever, H1361 ויגבהו׃ and they are exalted.
Psalms 9:6 (IHOT)
  6 H341 האויב O thou enemy, H8552 תמו are come to a perpetual end: H2723 חרבות destructions H5331 לנצח are come to a perpetual end: H5892 וערים cities; H5428 נתשׁת and thou hast destroyed H6 אבד is perished H2143 זכרם their memorial H1992 המה׃ with them.
Psalms 52:5 (IHOT)
  5 H1571 גם shall likewise H410 אל God H5422 יתצך destroy H5331 לנצח thee forever, H2846 יחתך he shall take thee away, H5255 ויסחך and pluck thee out H168 מאהל of dwelling place, H8327 ושׁרשׁך and root H776 מארץ thee out of the land H2416 חיים of the living. H5542 סלה׃ Selah.
Psalms 74:1 (IHOT)
  1 H4905 משׂכיל Maschil H623 לאסף of Asaph. H4100 למה why H430 אלהים O God, H2186 זנחת hast thou cast off H5331 לנצח forever? H6225 יעשׁן smoke H639 אפך doth thine anger H6629 בצאן against the sheep H4830 מרעיתך׃ of thy pasture?