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Daniel 4:14 (IHOT)
  14 H7123 קרא He cried H2429 בחיל aloud, H3652 וכן thus, H560 אמר and said H1414 גדו Hew down H363 אילנא the tree, H7113 וקצצו and cut off H6056 ענפוהי his branches, H5426 אתרו shake off H6074 עפיה his leaves, H921 ובדרו and scatter H4 אנבה his fruit: H5111 תנד get away H2423 חיותא let the beasts H4481 מן from H8479 תחתוהי under H6853 וצפריא it, and the fowls H4481 מן from H6056 ענפוהי׃ his branches: