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Ezekiel 16:4 (IHOT)
  4 H4138 ומולדותיך And thy nativity, H3117 ביום in the day H3205 הולדת thou wast born H853 אתך   H3808 לא was not H3772 כרת cut, H8270 שׁרך thy navel H4325 ובמים in water H3808 לא neither H7364 רחצת wast thou washed H4935 למשׁעי to supple H4414 והמלח salted at all, H3808 לא thou wast not H4414 המלחת salted at all, H2853 והחתל swaddled at all. H3808 לא nor H2853 חתלת׃ swaddled at all.