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Psalms 10:8 (IHOT)
  8 H3427 ישׁב He sitteth H3993 במארב in the lurking places H2691 חצרים of the villages: H4565 במסתרים in the secret places H2026 יהרג doth he murder H5355 נקי the innocent: H5869 עיניו his eyes H2489 לחלכה against the poor. H6845 יצפנו׃ are privily set
Psalms 10:9 (IHOT)
  9 H693 יארב He lieth in wait H4565 במסתר secretly H738 כאריה as a lion H5520 בסכה in his den: H693 יארב he lieth in wait H2414 לחטוף to catch H6041 עני the poor: H2414 יחטף he doth catch H6041 עני the poor, H4900 במשׁכו when he draweth H7568 ברשׁתו׃ him into his net.
Psalms 17:12 (IHOT)
  12 H1825 דמינו Like H738 כאריה as a lion H3700 יכסוף is greedy H2963 לטרוף of his prey, H3715 וככפיר and as it were a young lion H3427 ישׁב lurking H4565 במסתרים׃ in secret places.
Isaiah 45:3 (IHOT)
  3 H5414 ונתתי And I will give H214 לך אוצרות thee the treasures H2822 חשׁך of darkness, H4301 ומטמני and hidden riches H4565 מסתרים of secret places, H4616 למען that H3045 תדע thou mayest know H3588 כי that H589 אני I, H3068 יהוה the LORD, H7121 הקורא which call H8034 בשׁמך by thy name, H430 אלהי the God H3478 ישׂראל׃ of Israel.
Jeremiah 49:10 (IHOT)
  10 H3588 כי But H589 אני I H2834 חשׂפתי bare, H853 את   H6215 עשׂו have made Esau H1540 גליתי I have uncovered H853 את   H4565 מסתריו his secret places, H2247 ונחבה to hide himself: H3808 לא and he shall not H3201 יוכל be able H7703 שׁדד is spoiled, H2233 זרעו his seed H251 ואחיו and his brethren, H7934 ושׁכניו and his neighbors, H369 ואיננו׃ and he not.
Habakkuk 3:14 (IHOT)
  14 H5344 נקבת Thou didst strike through H4294 במטיו with his staves H7218 ראשׁ the head H6518 פרזו of his villages: H5590 יסערו they came out as a whirlwind H6327 להפיצני to scatter H5951 עליצתם me: their rejoicing H3644 כמו as H398 לאכל to devour H6041 עני the poor H4565 במסתר׃ secretly.