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Ezra 6:11 (IHOT)
  11 H4481 ומני from H7761 שׂים Also I have made H2942 טעם a decree, H1768 די that H3606 כל whosoever H606 אנשׁ   H1768 די   H8133 יהשׁנא shall alter H6600 פתגמא word, H1836 דנה this H5256 יתנסח be pulled down H636 אע let timber H4481 מן   H1005 ביתה his house, H2211 וזקיף and being set up, H4223 יתמחא let him be hanged H5922 עלהי thereon; H1005 וביתה and let his house H5122 נולו a dunghill H5648 יתעבד be made H5922 על for H1836 דנה׃ this.
Daniel 2:35 (IHOT)
  35 H116 באדין Then H1855 דקו   H2298 כחדה together, H6523 פרזלא was the iron, H2635 חספא the clay, H5174 נחשׁא the brass, H3702 כספא the silver, H1722 ודהבא and the gold, H1934 והוו and became H5784 כעור like the chaff H4481 מן of H147 אדרי threshingfloors; H7007 קיט the summer H5376 ונשׂא carried them away, H1994 המון carried them away, H7308 רוחא and the wind H3606 וכל that no H870 אתר place H3809 לא that no H7912 השׁתכח was found H69 להון ואבנא for them: and the stone H1768 די that H4223 מחת smote H6755 לצלמא the image H1934 הות became H2906 לטור mountain, H7229 רב a great H4391 ומלת and filled H3606 כל the whole H772 ארעא׃ earth.
Daniel 4:35 (IHOT)
  35 H3606 וכל And all H1753 דארי the inhabitants H772 ארעא of the earth H3809 כלה as nothing: H2804 חשׁיבין reputed H6634 וכמצביה according to his will H5648 עבד and he doeth H2429 בחיל in the army H8065 שׁמיא of heaven, H1753 ודארי and the inhabitants H772 ארעא of the earth: H3809 ולא and none H383 איתי can H1768 די   H4223 ימחא stay H3028 בידה his hand, H560 ויאמר or say H4101 לה מה unto him, What H5648 עבדת׃ doest