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Genesis 10:5 (IHOT)
  5 H428 מאלה   H6504 נפרדו divided H336 איי   H1471 הגוים of the Gentiles H776 בארצתם in their lands; H376 אישׁ every one H3956 ללשׁנו after his tongue, H4940 למשׁפחתם after their families, H1471 בגויהם׃ in their nations.
Job 22:30 (IHOT)
  30 H4422 ימלט He shall deliver H336 אי the island H5355 נקי of the innocent: H4422 ונמלט and it is delivered H1252 בבר by the pureness H3709 כפיך׃ of thine hands.