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Genesis 25:33 (IHOT)
  33 H559 ויאמר said, H3290 יעקב And Jacob H7650 השׁבעה Swear H3117 לי כיום to me this day; H7650 וישׁבע and he swore H4376 לו וימכר unto him: and he sold H853 את   H1062 בכרתו his birthright H3290 ליעקב׃ unto Jacob.
Genesis 27:30 (IHOT)
  30 H1961 ויהי And it came to pass, H834 כאשׁר as soon as H3615 כלה had made an end H3327 יצחק Isaac H1288 לברך of blessing H853 את   H3290 יעקב Jacob, H1961 ויהי was H389 אך yet H3318 יצא scarce gone out H3318 יצא scarce gone out H3290 יעקב and Jacob H853 מאת   H6440 פני the presence H3327 יצחק of Isaac H1 אביו his father, H6215 ועשׂו that Esau H251 אחיו his brother H935 בא came in H6718 מצידו׃ from his hunting.
Genesis 27:36 (IHOT)
  36 H559 ויאמר And he said, H3588 הכי Is not he rightly H7121 קרא named H8034 שׁמו named H3290 יעקב Jacob? H6117 ויעקבני for he hath supplanted H2088 זה me these H6471 פעמים two times: H853 את   H1062 בכרתי my birthright; H3947 לקח he took away H2009 והנה and, behold, H6258 עתה now H3947 לקח he hath taken away H1293 ברכתי my blessing. H559 ויאמר And he said, H3808 הלא Hast thou not H680 אצלת reserved H1293 לי ברכה׃ a blessing
Genesis 27:41 (IHOT)
  41 H7852 וישׂטם hated H6215 עשׂו And Esau H853 את   H3290 יעקב Jacob H5921 על because of H1293 הברכה the blessing H834 אשׁר wherewith H1288 ברכו blessed H1 אביו his father H559 ויאמר said H6215 עשׂו him: and Esau H3820 בלבו in his heart, H7126 יקרבו are at hand; H3117 ימי The days H60 אבל of mourning H1 אבי for my father H2026 ואהרגה then will I slay H853 את   H3290 יעקב Jacob. H251 אחי׃ my brother
Genesis 27:42 (IHOT)
  42 H5046 ויגד were told H7259 לרבקה to Rebekah: H853 את   H1697 דברי And these words H6215 עשׂו of Esau H1121 בנה son H1419 הגדל her elder H7971 ותשׁלח and she sent H7121 ותקרא and called H3290 ליעקב Jacob H1121 בנה son, H6996 הקטן her younger H559 ותאמר and said H413 אליו unto H2009 הנה him, Behold, H6215 עשׂו Esau, H251 אחיך thy brother H5162 מתנחם as touching thee, doth comfort himself, H2026 לך להרגך׃ to kill
Genesis 27:46 (IHOT)
  46 H559 ותאמר said H7259 רבקה And Rebekah H413 אל to H3327 יצחק Isaac, H6973 קצתי I am weary H2416 בחיי of my life H6440 מפני because H1323 בנות of the daughters H2845 חת of Heth: H518 אם if H3947 לקח take H3290 יעקב Jacob H802 אשׁה a wife H1323 מבנות of the daughters H2845 חת of Heth, H428 כאלה such as these H1323 מבנות of the daughters H776 הארץ of the land, H4100 למה what good H2416 לי חיים׃ shall my life
Genesis 28:1 (IHOT)
  1 H7121 ויקרא called H3327 יצחק And Isaac H413 אל called H3290 יעקב Jacob, H1288 ויברך and blessed H853 אתו   H6680 ויצוהו him, and charged H559 ויאמר him, and said H3808 לו לא unto him, Thou shalt not H3947 תקח take H802 אשׁה a wife H1323 מבנות of the daughters H3667 כנען׃ of Canaan.
Genesis 28:6 (IHOT)
  6 H7200 וירא saw H6215 עשׂו When Esau H3588 כי that H1288 ברך had blessed H3327 יצחק Isaac H853 את   H3290 יעקב Jacob, H7971 ושׁלח   H853 אתו   H6307 פדנה ארם to Padan-aram, H3947 לקחת to take H8033 לו משׁם from thence; H802 אשׁה him a wife H1288 בברכו and that as he blessed H853 אתו   H6680 ויצו him he gave him a charge, H5921 עליו him he gave him a charge, H559 לאמר saying, H3808 לא Thou shalt not H3947 תקח take H802 אשׁה a wife H1323 מבנות of the daughters H3667 כנען׃ of Canaan;
Genesis 28:7 (IHOT)
  7 H8085 וישׁמע obeyed H3290 יעקב And that Jacob H413 אל obeyed H1 אביו his father H413 ואל   H517 אמו and his mother, H1980 וילך and was gone H6307 פדנה ארם׃ to Padan-aram;
Genesis 29:1 (IHOT)
  1 H5375 וישׂא went on his journey, H3290 יעקב Then Jacob H7272 רגליו went on his journey, H1980 וילך and came H776 ארצה into the land H1121 בני of the people H6924 קדם׃ of the east.