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Psalms 29:9 (IHOT)
  9 H6963 קול The voice H3068 יהוה of the LORD H2342 יחולל to calve, H355 אילות maketh the hinds H2834 ויחשׂף and discovereth H3295 יערות the forests: H1964 ובהיכלו and in his temple H3605 כלו doth every one H559 אמר speak of H3519 כבוד׃ glory.
Isaiah 30:14 (IHOT)
  14 H7665 ושׁברה And he shall break H7667 כשׁבר it as the breaking H5035 נבל vessel H3335 יוצרים of the potter's H3807 כתות that is broken in pieces; H3808 לא he shall not H2550 יחמל spare: H3808 ולא so that there shall not H4672 ימצא be found H4386 במכתתו in the bursting H2789 חרשׂ of it a shard H2846 לחתות to take H784 אשׁ fire H3344 מיקוד from the hearth, H2834 ולחשׂף or to take H4325 מים water H1360 מגבא׃ out of the pit.
Jeremiah 49:10 (IHOT)
  10 H3588 כי But H589 אני I H2834 חשׂפתי bare, H853 את   H6215 עשׂו have made Esau H1540 גליתי I have uncovered H853 את   H4565 מסתריו his secret places, H2247 ונחבה to hide himself: H3808 לא and he shall not H3201 יוכל be able H7703 שׁדד is spoiled, H2233 זרעו his seed H251 ואחיו and his brethren, H7934 ושׁכניו and his neighbors, H369 ואיננו׃ and he not.
Ezekiel 4:7 (IHOT)
  7 H413 ואל toward H4692 מצור the siege H3389 ירושׁלם of Jerusalem, H3559 תכין Therefore thou shalt set H6440 פניך thy face H2220 וזרעך and thine arm H2834 חשׂופה uncovered, H5012 ונבאת and thou shalt prophesy H5921 עליה׃ against
Joel 1:7 (IHOT)
  7 H7760 שׂם He hath laid H1612 גפני my vine H8047 לשׁמה waste, H8384 ותאנתי my fig tree: H7111 לקצפה and barked H2834 חשׂף he hath made it clean bare, H2834 חשׂפה he hath made it clean bare, H7993 והשׁליך and cast away; H3835 הלבינו thereof are made white. H8299 שׂריגיה׃ the branches
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