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2 Chronicles 24:12 (IHOT)
  12 H5414 ויתנהו gave H4428 המלך And the king H3077 ויהוידע and Jehoiada H413 אל it to H6213 עושׂה such as did H4399 מלאכת the work H5656 עבודת of the service H1004 בית of the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H1961 ויהיו and hired H7936 שׂכרים and hired H2672 חצבים masons H2796 וחרשׁים and carpenters H2318 לחדשׁ to repair H1004 בית the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H1571 וגם and also H2796 לחרשׁי such as wrought H1270 ברזל iron H5178 ונחשׁת and brass H2388 לחזק to mend H853 את   H1004 בית the house H3068 יהוה׃ of the LORD.
2 Chronicles 26:10 (IHOT)
  10 H1129 ויבן Also he built H4026 מגדלים towers H4057 במדבר in the desert, H2672 ויחצב and digged H953 ברות wells: H7227 רבים many H3588 כי for H4735 מקנה cattle, H7227 רב much H1961 היה he had H8219 לו ובשׁפלה both in the low country, H4334 ובמישׁור and in the plains: H406 אכרים husbandmen H3755 וכרמים and vinedressers H2022 בהרים in the mountains, H3760 ובכרמל and in Carmel: H3588 כי for H157 אהב he loved H127 אדמה husbandry. H1961 היה׃ he loved
Ezra 3:7 (IHOT)
  7 H5414 ויתנו They gave H3701 כסף money H2672 לחצבים also unto the masons, H2796 ולחרשׁים and to the carpenters; H3978 ומאכל and meat, H4960 ומשׁתה and drink, H8081 ושׁמן and oil, H6722 לצדנים unto them of Zidon, H6876 ולצרים and to them of Tyre, H935 להביא to bring H6086 עצי trees H730 ארזים cedar H4480 מן from H3844 הלבנון Lebanon H413 אל to H3220 ים the sea H3305 יפוא of Joppa, H7558 כרשׁיון according to the grant H3566 כורשׁ that they had of Cyrus H4428 מלך king H6539 פרס of Persia. H5921 עליהם׃  
Nehemiah 9:25 (IHOT)
  25 H3920 וילכדו And they took H5892 ערים cities, H1219 בצרות strong H127 ואדמה land, H8082 שׁמנה and a fat H3423 ויירשׁו and possessed H1004 בתים houses H4392 מלאים full H3605 כל of all H2898 טוב goods, H953 ברות wells H2672 חצובים digged, H3754 כרמים vineyards, H2132 וזיתים and oliveyards, H6086 ועץ trees H3978 מאכל and fruit H7230 לרב in abundance: H398 ויאכלו so they did eat, H7646 וישׂבעו and were filled, H8080 וישׁמינו and became fat, H5727 ויתעדנו and delighted themselves H2898 בטובך goodness. H1419 הגדול׃ in thy great
Isaiah 5:2 (IHOT)
  2 H5823 ויעזקהו And he fenced H5619 ויסקלהו it, and gathered out the stones H5193 ויטעהו thereof, and planted H8321 שׂרק it with the choicest vine, H1129 ויבן and built H4026 מגדל a tower H8432 בתוכו in the midst H1571 וגם of it, and also H3342 יקב a winepress H2672 חצב made H6960 בו ויקו therein: and he looked H6213 לעשׂות that it should bring forth H6025 ענבים grapes, H6213 ויעשׂ and it brought forth H891 באשׁים׃ wild grapes.
Isaiah 10:15 (IHOT)
  15 H6286 היתפאר boast itself H1631 הגרזן Shall the axe H5921 על against H2672 החצב him that heweth H518 בו אם   H1431 יתגדל magnify itself H4883 המשׂור therewith? shall the saw H5921 על against H5130 מניפו him that shaketh H5130 כהניף should shake against H7626 שׁבט it? as if the rod H853 ואת   H7311 מרימיו them that lift it up, H7311 כהרים should lift up H4294 מטה as if the staff H3808 לא no H6086 עץ׃ wood.
Isaiah 22:16 (IHOT)
  16 H4100 מה What H6311 לך פה hast thou here? H4310 ומי and whom H6311 לך פה hast thou here, H3588 כי that H2672 חצבת thou hast hewed thee out H6311 לך פה here, H6913 קבר a sepulcher H2672 חצבי he that heweth him out H4791 מרום on high, H6913 קברו a sepulcher H2710 חקקי that graveth H5553 בסלע for himself in a rock? H4908 משׁכן׃ a habitation
Hosea 6:5 (IHOT)
  5 H5921 על   H3651 כן   H2672 חצבתי have I hewed H5030 בנביאים by the prophets; H2026 הרגתים I have slain H561 באמרי them by the words H6310 פי of my mouth: H4941 ומשׁפטיך and thy judgments H216 אור the light H3318 יצא׃ goeth forth.