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2 Chronicles 20:21 (IHOT)
  21 H3289 ויועץ And when he had consulted H413 אל with H5971 העם the people, H5975 ויעמד he appointed H7891 משׁררים singers H3068 ליהוה unto the LORD, H1984 ומהללים and that should praise H1927 להדרת the beauty H6944 קדשׁ of holiness, H3318 בצאת as they went out H6440 לפני before H2502 החלוץ the army, H559 ואמרים and to say, H3034 הודו Praise H3068 ליהוה the LORD; H3588 כי for H5769 לעולם forever. H2617 חסדו׃ his mercy