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Job 6:17 (IHOT)
  17 H6256 בעת What time H2215 יזרבו they wax warm, H6789 נצמתו they vanish: H2527 בחמו   H1846 נדעכו they are consumed H4725 ממקומם׃ out of their place.
Job 18:6 (IHOT)
  6 H216 אור The light H2821 חשׁך shall be dark H168 באהלו in his tabernacle, H5216 ונרו and his candle H5921 עליו with H1846 ידעך׃ shall be put out
Job 21:17 (IHOT)
  17 H4100 כמה How oft H5216 נר is the candle H7563 רשׁעים of the wicked H1846 ידעך put out! H935 ויבא and cometh H5921 עלימו upon H343 אידם their destruction H2256 חבלים sorrows H2505 יחלק them! distributeth H639 באפו׃ in his anger.
Psalms 118:12 (IHOT)
  12 H5437 סבוני They compassed me about H1682 כדבורים like bees; H1846 דעכו they are quenched H784 כאשׁ as the fire H6975 קוצים of thorns: H8034 בשׁם for in the name H3068 יהוה of the LORD H3588 כי   H4135 אמילם׃ I will destroy
Proverbs 20:20 (IHOT)
  20 H7043 מקלל Whoso curseth H1 אביו his father H517 ואמו or his mother, H1846 ידעך shall be put out H5216 נרו his lamp H380 באישׁון in obscure H2822 חשׁך׃ darkness.
Isaiah 43:17 (IHOT)
  17 H3318 המוציא Which bringeth forth H7393 רכב the chariot H5483 וסוס and horse, H2428 חיל the army H5808 ועזוז and the power; H3162 יחדו together, H7901 ישׁכבו they shall lie down H1077 בל they shall not H6965 יקומו rise: H1846 דעכו they are extinct, H6594 כפשׁתה as tow. H3518 כבו׃ they are quenched