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Daniel 7:20 (IHOT)
  20 H5922 ועל And of H7162 קרניא horns H6236 עשׂר the ten H1768 די that H7217 בראשׁה in his head, H317 ואחרי and the other H1768 די which H5559 סלקת came up, H5308 ונפלו fell; H4481 מן and before H6925 קדמיה and before H8532 תלת whom three H7162 וקרנא horn H1797 דכן even that H5870 ועינין that had eyes, H6433 לה ופם and a mouth H4449 ממלל that spoke H7260 רברבן very great things, H2376 וחזוה whose look H7229 רב more stout H4481 מן than H2273 חברתה׃ his fellows.