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Job 5:4 (IHOT)
  4 H7368 ירחקו are far H1121 בניו His children H3468 מישׁע from safety, H1792 וידכאו and they are crushed H8179 בשׁער in the gate, H369 ואין neither H5337 מציל׃ any to deliver
Job 6:9 (IHOT)
  9 H2974 ויאל Even that it would please H433 אלוה God H1792 וידכאני to destroy H5425 יתר me; that he would let loose H3027 ידו his hand, H1214 ויבצעני׃ and cut me off!
Job 19:2 (IHOT)
  2 H5704 עד   H575 אנה   H3013 תוגיון will ye vex H5315 נפשׁי my soul, H1792 ותדכאונני and break me in pieces H4405 במלים׃ with words?
Job 22:9 (IHOT)
  9 H490 אלמנות   H7971 שׁלחת   H7387 ריקם empty, H2220 וזרעות and the arms H3490 יתמים of the fatherless H1792 ידכא׃ have been broken.
Job 34:25 (IHOT)
  25 H3651 לכן Therefore H5234 יכיר he knoweth H4566 מעבדיהם their works, H2015 והפך and he overturneth H3915 לילה in the night, H1792 וידכאו׃ so that they are destroyed.
Psalms 72:4 (IHOT)
  4 H8199 ישׁפט He shall judge H6041 עניי the poor H5971 עם of the people, H3467 יושׁיע he shall save H1121 לבני the children H34 אביון of the needy, H1792 וידכא and shall break in pieces H6231 עושׁק׃ the oppressor.
Psalms 89:10 (IHOT)
  10 H859 אתה Thou H1792 דכאת hast broken H2491 כחלל in pieces, as one that is slain; H7294 רהב Rahab H2220 בזרוע arm. H5797 עזך with thy strong H6340 פזרת thou hast scattered H341 אויביך׃ thine enemies
Psalms 143:3 (IHOT)
  3 H3588 כי For H7291 רדף hath persecuted H341 אויב the enemy H5315 נפשׁי my soul; H1792 דכא he hath smitten H776 לארץ down to the ground; H2416 חיתי my life H3427 הושׁיבני he hath made me to dwell H4285 במחשׁכים in darkness, H4191 כמתי dead. H5769 עולם׃ as those that have been long
Isaiah 3:15 (IHOT)
  15 H4480 מלכם   H1792 תדכאו ye beat my people to pieces, H5971 עמי ye beat my people to pieces, H6440 ופני the faces H6041 עניים of the poor? H2912 תטחנו and grind H5002 נאם saith H136 אדני the Lord H3069 יהוה   H6635 צבאות׃ of hosts.
Isaiah 53:5 (IHOT)
  5 H1931 והוא But he H2490 מחלל wounded H6588 מפשׁענו for our transgressions, H1792 מדכא bruised H5771 מעונתינו for our iniquities: H4148 מוסר the chastisement H7965 שׁלומנו of our peace H5921 עליו upon H2250 ובחברתו him; and with his stripes H7495 נרפא׃ we are healed.
Isaiah 53:10 (IHOT)
  10 H3068 ויהוה the LORD H2654 חפץ Yet it pleased H1792 דכאו to bruise H2470 החלי him; he hath put to grief: H518 אם when H7760 תשׂים thou shalt make H817 אשׁם an offering for sin, H5315 נפשׁו his soul H7200 יראה he shall see H2233 זרע seed, H748 יאריך he shall prolong H3117 ימים days, H2656 וחפץ and the pleasure H3068 יהוה of the LORD H3027 בידו in his hand. H6743 יצלח׃ shall prosper
Isaiah 57:15 (IHOT)
  15 H3588 כי For H3541 כה thus H559 אמר saith H7311 רם the high H5375 ונשׂא and lofty One H7931 שׁכן that inhabiteth H5703 עד eternity, H6918 וקדושׁ Holy; H8034 שׁמו whose name H4791 מרום in the high H6918 וקדושׁ and holy H7931 אשׁכון I dwell H854 ואת with H1793 דכא him also of a contrite H8217 ושׁפל and humble H7307 רוח spirit, H2421 להחיות to revive H7307 רוח the spirit H8217 שׁפלים of the humble, H2421 ולהחיות and to revive H3820 לב the heart H1792 נדכאים׃ of the contrite ones.