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1 Samuel 10:23 (IHOT)
  23 H7323 וירצו And they ran H3947 ויקחהו and fetched H8033 משׁם him thence: H3320 ויתיצב and when he stood H8432 בתוך among H5971 העם the people, H1361 ויגבה he was higher H3605 מכל than any H5971 העם of the people H7926 משׁכמו from his shoulders H4605 ומעלה׃ and upward.
2 Chronicles 33:14 (IHOT)
  14 H310 ואחרי Now after H3651 כן this H1129 בנה he built H2346 חומה a wall H2435 חיצונה without H5892 לעיר the city H1732 דויד of David, H4628 מערבה on the west side H1521 לגיחון of Gihon, H5158 בנחל in the valley, H935 ולבוא even to the entering in H8179 בשׁער gate H1709 הדגים at the fish H5437 וסבב and compassed about H6077 לעפל Ophel, H1361 ויגביהה and raised it up a very great height, H3966 מאד and raised it up a very great height, H7760 וישׂם and put H8269 שׂרי captains H2428 חיל of war H3605 בכל in all H5892 הערים cities H1219 הבצרות the fenced H3063 ביהודה׃ of Judah.
Job 36:7 (IHOT)
  7 H3808 לא not H1639 יגרע He withdraweth H6662 מצדיק from the righteous: H5869 עיניו his eyes H854 ואת but with H4428 מלכים kings H3678 לכסא on the throne; H3427 וישׁיבם yea, he doth establish H5331 לנצח them forever, H1361 ויגבהו׃ and they are exalted.
Isaiah 3:16 (IHOT)
  16 H559 ויאמר saith, H3069 יהוה   H3282 יען   H3588 כי   H1361 גבהו are haughty, H1323 בנות the daughters H6726 ציון of Zion H1980 ותלכנה and walk H5186 נטוות with stretched forth H1627 גרון necks H8265 ומשׂקרות and wanton H5869 עינים eyes, H1980 הלוך walking H2952 וטפף and mincing H1980 תלכנה they go, H7272 וברגליהם with their feet: H5913 תעכסנה׃ and making a tinkling
Isaiah 5:16 (IHOT)
  16 H1361 ויגבה shall be exalted H3068 יהוה But the LORD H6635 צבאות of hosts H4941 במשׁפט in judgment, H410 והאל and God H6918 הקדושׁ that is holy H6942 נקדשׁ shall be sanctified H6666 בצדקה׃ in righteousness.
Isaiah 52:13 (IHOT)
  13 H2009 הנה Behold, H7919 ישׂכיל shall deal prudently, H5650 עבדי my servant H7311 ירום he shall be exalted H5375 ונשׂא and extolled, H1361 וגבה and be very high. H3966 מאד׃ and be very high.
Isaiah 55:9 (IHOT)
  9 H3588 כי For H1361 גבהו are higher H8064 שׁמים the heavens H776 מארץ than the earth, H3651 כן so H1361 גבהו are my ways higher H1870 דרכי are my ways higher H1870 מדרכיכם than your ways, H4284 ומחשׁבתי and my thoughts H4284 ממחשׁבתיכם׃ than your thoughts.
Jeremiah 49:16 (IHOT)
  16 H8606 תפלצתך Thy terribleness H5377 השׁיא hath deceived H853 אתך   H2087 זדון thee, the pride H3820 לבך of thine heart, H7931 שׁכני O thou that dwellest H2288 בחגוי in the clefts H5553 הסלע of the rock, H8610 תפשׂי that holdest H4791 מרום the height H1389 גבעה of the hill: H3588 כי though H1361 תגביה as high H5404 כנשׁר as the eagle, H7064 קנך thou shouldest make thy nest H8033 משׁם from thence, H3381 אורידך I will bring thee down H5002 נאם saith H3068 יהוה׃ the LORD.
Ezekiel 17:24 (IHOT)
  24 H3045 וידעו shall know H3605 כל And all H6086 עצי the trees H7704 השׂדה of the field H3588 כי that H589 אני I H3068 יהוה the LORD H8213 השׁפלתי have brought down H6086 עץ tree, H1364 גבה the high H1361 הגבהתי have exalted H6086 עץ tree, H8217 שׁפל the low H3001 הובשׁתי have dried up H6086 עץ tree, H3892 לח the green H6524 והפרחתי to flourish: H6086 עץ tree H3002 יבשׁ and have made the dry H589 אני I H3068 יהוה the LORD H1696 דברתי have spoken H6213 ועשׂיתי׃ and have done
Ezekiel 19:11 (IHOT)
  11 H1961 ויהיו And she had H4294 לה מטות rods H5797 עז strong H413 אל for H7626 שׁבטי the scepters H4910 משׁלים of them that bore rule, H1361 ותגבה was exalted H6967 קומתו and her stature H5921 על among H996 בין among H5688 עבתים the thick branches, H7200 וירא and she appeared H1363 בגבהו in her height H7230 ברב with the multitude H1808 דליתיו׃ of her branches.
Ezekiel 28:2 (IHOT)
  2 H1121 בן Son H120 אדם of man, H559 אמר say H5057 לנגיד unto the prince H6865 צר of Tyrus, H3541 כה Thus H559 אמר saith H136 אדני the Lord H3069 יהוה GOD; H3282 יען Because H1361 גבה lifted up, H3820 לבך thine heart H559 ותאמר and thou hast said, H410 אל a God, H589 אני I H4186 מושׁב the seat H430 אלהים of God, H3427 ישׁבתי I sit H3820 בלב in the midst H3220 ימים of the seas; H859 ואתה yet thou H120 אדם a man, H3808 ולא and not H410 אל God, H5414 ותתן though thou set H3820 לבך thine heart H3820 כלב as the heart H430 אלהים׃ of God:
Ezekiel 28:5 (IHOT)
  5 H7230 ברב By thy great H2451 חכמתך wisdom H7404 ברכלתך by thy traffic H7235 הרבית hast thou increased H2428 חילך thy riches, H1361 ויגבה is lifted up H3824 לבבך and thine heart H2428 בחילך׃ because of thy riches:
Ezekiel 28:17 (IHOT)
  17 H1361 גבה was lifted up H3820 לבך Thine heart H3308 ביפיך because of thy beauty, H7843 שׁחת thou hast corrupted H2451 חכמתך thy wisdom H5921 על by reason of H3314 יפעתך thy brightness: H5921 על thee to H776 ארץ the ground, H7993 השׁלכתיך I will cast H6440 לפני thee before H4428 מלכים kings, H5414 נתתיך I will lay H7200 לראוה׃ that they may behold
Ezekiel 31:5 (IHOT)
  5 H5921 על   H3651 כן   H1361 גבהא was exalted H6967 קמתו his height H3605 מכל above all H6086 עצי the trees H7704 השׂדה of the field, H7235 ותרבינה were multiplied, H5634 סרעפתיו and his boughs H748 ותארכנה became long H6288 פארתו and his branches H4325 ממים of waters, H7227 רבים because of the multitude H7971 בשׁלחו׃ when he shot forth.