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Strong's G936

From G935; to rule (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: king, reign.

Matthew 2:22 (IGNT)
  22 G191 (G5660) ακουσας HAVING HEARD G1161 δε BUT G3754 οτι THAT G745 αρχελαος ARCHELAUS G936 (G5719) βασιλευει REIGNS G1909 επι   G3588 της OVER G2449 ιουδαιας JUDEA G473 αντι INSTEAD OF G2264 ηρωδου   G3588 του HEROD G3962 πατρος   G846 αυτου HIS FATHER, G5399 (G5675) εφοβηθη HE WAS AFRAID G1563 εκει THERE G565 (G5629) απελθειν TO GO; G5537 (G5685) χρηματισθεις HAVING BEEN DIVINELY INSTRUCTED G1161 δε AND G2596 κατ IN G3677 οναρ A DREAM, G402 (G5656) ανεχωρησεν HE WITHDREW G1519 εις INTO G3588 τα THE G3313 μερη   G3588 της PARTS G1056 γαλιλαιας OF GALILEE :
Luke 19:14 (IGNT)
  14 G3588 οι   G1161 δε   G4177 πολιται   G846 αυτου BUT HIS CITIZENS G3404 (G5707) εμισουν HATED G846 αυτον HIM G2532 και AND G649 (G5656) απεστειλαν SENT G4242 πρεσβειαν AN EMBASSY G3694 οπισω AFTER G846 αυτου HIM, G3004 (G5723) λεγοντες   G3756 ου SAYING, G2309 (G5719) θελομεν WE ARE UNWILLING "FOR" G5126 τουτον THIS "MAN" G936 (G5658) βασιλευσαι TO REIGN G1909 εφ OVER G2248 ημας US.
Romans 5:14 (IGNT)
  14 G235 αλλ BUT G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσεν   G3588 ο REIGNED G2288 θανατος DEATH G575 απο FROM G76 αδαμ ADAM G3360 μεχρι UNTIL G3475 μωσεως MOSES G2532 και EVEN G1909 επι UPON G3588 τους   G3361 μη THOSE WHO G264 (G5660) αμαρτησαντας HAD NOT SINNED G1909 επι IN G3588 τω THE G3667 ομοιωματι LIKENESS G3588 της OF THE G3847 παραβασεως TRANSGRESSION G76 αδαμ OF ADAM, G3739 ος WHO G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G5179 τυπος A FIGURE G3588 του OF THE G3195 (G5723) μελλοντος COMING "ONE".
Romans 5:17 (IGNT)
  17 G1487 ει IF G1063 γαρ FOR G3588 τω BY THE G3588 του OF THE G1520 ενος ONE G3900 παραπτωματι   G3588 ο OFFENCE G2288 θανατος DEATH G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσεν REIGNED G1223 δια BY G3588 του THE G1520 ενος ONE, G4183 πολλω MUCH G3123 μαλλον MORE G3588 οι THOSE G3588 την THE G4050 περισσειαν   G3588 της ABUNDANCE G5485 χαριτος OF GRACE G2532 και AND G3588 της OF THE G1431 δωρεας   G3588 της GIFT G1343 δικαιοσυνης OF RIGHTEOUSNESS G2983 (G5723) λαμβανοντες RECEIVING, G1722 εν IN G2222 ζωη LIFE G936 (G5692) βασιλευσουσιν SHALL REIGN G1223 δια BY G3588 του THE G1520 ενος ONE G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST
Romans 5:21 (IGNT)
  21 G2443 ινα THAT G5618 ωσπερ AS G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσεν   G3588 η REIGNED G266 αμαρτια SIN G1722 εν   G3588 τω IN G2288 θανατω DEATH, G3779 ουτως SO G2532 και   G3588 η ALSO G5485 χαρις GRACE G936 (G5661) βασιλευση MIGHT REIGN G1223 δια THROUGH G1343 δικαιοσυνης RIGHTEOUSNESS G1519 εις TO G2222 ζωην LIFE G166 αιωνιον ETERNAL, G1223 δια THROUGH G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST G3588 του OUR G2962 κυριου   G2257 ημων LORD.
1 Corinthians 4:8 (IGNT)
  8 G2235 ηδη ALREADY G2880 (G5772) κεκορεσμενοι SATIATED G2075 (G5748) εστε YE ARE; G2235 ηδη ALREADY G4147 (G5656) επλουτησατε YE WERE ENRICHED; G5565 χωρις APART FROM G2257 ημων US G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσατε YE REIGNED; G2532 και AND G3785 οφελον I WOULD G1065 γε SURELY G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσατε YE DID REIGN, G2443 ινα THAT G2532 και ALSO G2249 ημεις WE G5213 υμιν YOU G4821 (G5661) συμβασιλευσωμεν MIGHT REIGN WITH.
Revelation 11:15 (IGNT)
  15 G2532 και AND G3588 ο THE G1442 εβδομος SEVENTH G32 αγγελος ANGEL G4537 (G5656) εσαλπισεν SOUNDED "HIS" TRUMPET; G2532 και AND G1096 (G5633) εγενοντο WERE G5456 φωναι VOICES G3173 μεγαλαι GREAT G1722 εν IN G3588 τω THE G3772 ουρανω HEAVEN, G3004 (G5723) λεγουσαι SAYING, G1096 (G5633) εγενοντο ARE BECOME G3588 αι THE G932 βασιλειαι KINGDOMS G3588 του OF THE G2889 κοσμου WORLD G3588 του   G2962 κυριου   G2257 ημων OUR LORD'S, G2532 και AND G3588 του   G5547 χριστου   G846 αυτου HIS CHRIST'S G2532 και AND G936 (G5692) βασιλευσει HE SHALL REIGN G1519 εις TO G3588 τους THE G165 αιωνας AGES G3588 των OF THE G165 αιωνων AGES.
Revelation 11:17 (IGNT)
  17 G3004 (G5723) λεγοντες SAYING, G2168 (G5719) ευχαριστουμεν WE GIVE THANKS G4671 σοι TO THEE, G2962 κυριε   G3588 ο LORD G2316 θεος   G3588 ο GOD G3841 παντοκρατωρ ALMIGHTY, G3588 ο "HE" WHO G5607 (G5752) ων IS, G2532 και AND G3588 ο WHO G2258 (G5713) ην WAS, G2532 και AND G3588 ο WHO "IS" G2064 (G5740) ερχομενος COMING, G3754 οτι THAT THOU G2983 (G5758) ειληφας   G3588 την HAST TAKEN G1411 δυναμιν POWER G4675 σου   G3588 την THY G3173 μεγαλην GREAT, G2532 και AND G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσας REIGNED.
Revelation 19:6 (IGNT)
  6 G2532 και AND G191 (G5656) ηκουσα I HEARD G5613 ως AS G5456 φωνην A VOICE G3793 οχλου OF A MULTITUDE G4183 πολλου GREAT, G2532 και AND G5613 ως AS G5456 φωνην A VOICE G5204 υδατων OF WATERS G4183 πολλων MANY, G2532 και AND G5613 ως AS G5456 φωνην A VOICE G1027 βροντων OF THUNDERS G2478 ισχυρων STRONG, G3004 (G5723) λεγοντας SAYING, G239 αλληλουια HALLELUJAH, G3754 οτι FOR G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσεν HAS REIGNED "THE" G2962 κυριος   G3588 ο LORD G2316 θεος GOD G3588 ο THE G3841 παντοκρατωρ ALMIGHTY.
Revelation 20:4 (KJV_Strongs)
  4 G2532 And G1492 I saw [G5627]   G2362 thrones G2532 , and G2523 they sat [G5656]   G1909 upon G846 them G2532 , and G2917 judgment G1325 was given [G5681]   G846 unto them G2532 : and G5590 I saw the souls G3990 of them that were beheaded [G5772]   G1223 for G3141 the witness G2424 of Jesus G2532 , and G1223 for G3056 the word G2316 of God G2532 , and G3748 which G4352 had G3756 not G4352 worshipped [G5656]   G2342 the beast G3777 , neither G846 his G1504 image G2532 , G3756 neither G2983 had received [G5627]   G5480 his mark G1909 upon G846 their G3359 foreheads G2532 , or G1909 in G846 their G5495 hands G2532 ; and G2198 they lived [G5656]   G2532 and G936 reigned [G5656]   G3326 with G5547 Christ G5507 a thousand G2094 years.
Revelation 20:4 (IGNT)
  4 G2532 και AND G1492 (G5627) ειδον I SAW G2362 θρονους THRONES; G2532 και AND G2523 (G5656) εκαθισαν THEY SAT G1909 επ UPON G846 αυτους THEM, G2532 και AND G2917 κριμα JUDGMENT G1325 (G5681) εδοθη WAS GIVEN G846 αυτοις TO THEM; G2532 και AND G3588 τας THE G5590 ψυχας SOULS G3588 των OF THOSE G3990 (G5772) πεπελεκισμενων BEHEADED G1223 δια ON ACCOUNT OF G3588 την THE G3141 μαρτυριαν TESTIMONY G2424 ιησου OF JESUS, G2532 και AND G1223 δια ON ACCOUNT OF G3588 τον THE G3056 λογον   G3588 του WORD G2316 θεου OF GOD, G2532 και AND G3748 οιτινες THOSE WHO G3756 ου   G4352 (G5656) προσεκυνησαν DID NOT DO HOMAGE TO G3588 τω THE G2342 θηριω BEAST, G3777 ουτε NOR G3588 την   G1504 εικονα   G846 αυτου HIS IMAGE, G2532 και AND G3756 ουκ   G2983 (G5627) ελαβον DID NOT RECEIVE G3588 το THE G5480 χαραγμα MARK G1909 επι UPON G3588 το   G3359 μετωπον   G846 αυτων THEIR FOREHEAD, G2532 και AND G1909 επι UPON G3588 την   G5495 χειρα   G846 αυτων THEIR HAND G2532 και AND G2198 (G5656) εζησαν THEY LIVED G2532 και AND G936 (G5656) εβασιλευσαν REIGNED G3326 μετα WITH G5547 χριστου CHRIST G3588 τα THE G5507 χιλια THOUSAND G2094 ετη YEARS :
Revelation 20:6 (IGNT)
  6 G3107 μακαριος BLESSED G2532 και AND G40 αγιος HOLY G3588 ο HE WHO G2192 (G5723) εχων HAS G3313 μερος PART G1722 εν IN G3588 τη THE G386 αναστασει RESURRECTION G3588 τη THE G4413 πρωτη FIRST : G1909 επι OVER G5130 τουτων THESE G3588 ο THE G2288 θανατος   G3588 ο DEATH G1208 δευτερος SECOND G3756 ουκ   G2192 (G5719) εχει HAS NO G1849 εξουσιαν AUTHORITY; G235 αλλ BUT G2071 (G5704) εσονται THEY SHALL BE G2409 ιερεις   G3588 του PRIESTS G2316 θεου OF GOD G2532 και AND G3588 του OF THE G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G2532 και AND G936 (G5692) βασιλευσουσιν SHALL REIGN G3326 μετ WITH G846 αυτου HIM G5507 χιλια A THOUSAND G2094 ετη YEARS.
Revelation 22:5 (IGNT)
  5 G2532 και AND G3571 νυξ NIGHT G3756 ουκ NO G2071 (G5704) εσται SHALL BE G1563 εκει THERE, G2532 και AND G5532 χρειαν NEED G3756 ουκ NO G2192 (G5719) εχουσιν THEY HAVE G3088 λυχνου OF A LAMP G2532 και AND G5457 φωτος OF LIGHT G2246 ηλιου OF "THE" SUN, G3754 οτι BECAUSE "THE" G2962 κυριος   G3588 ο LORD G2316 θεος GOD G5461 (G5719) φωτιζει ENLIGHTENS G846 αυτους THEM, G2532 και AND G936 (G5692) βασιλευσουσιν THEY SHALL REIGN G1519 εις TO G3588 τους THE G165 αιωνας AGES G3588 των OF THE G165 αιωνων AGES.