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Strong's G798

Neuter from G792; properly a constellation; put for a single star (natural or artificial)

KJV Usage: star.

Luke 21:25 (IGNT)
  25 G2532 και And G2071 (G5704) εσται There Shall Be G4592 σημεια Signs G1722 εν In G2246 ηλιω Sun G2532 και And G4582 σεληνη Moon G2532 και And G798 αστροις Stars, G2532 και And G1909 επι Upon G3588 της The G1093 γης Earth G4928 συνοχη Distress G1484 εθνων Of Nations G1722 εν With G640 απορια Perplexity, G2278 (G5723) ηχουσης Roaring G2281 θαλασσης Of "the" Sea G2532 και And G4535 σαλου Rolling Surge,
Acts 7:43 (IGNT)
  43 G2532 και And G353 (G5627) ανελαβετε Yet Took Up G3588 την The G4633 σκηνην Tabernacle G3588 του Of G3434 μολοχ Moloch, G2532 και And G3588 το The G798 αστρον Star G3588 του Of G2316 θεου God G5216 υμων Your G4481 ρεμφαν Remphan, G3588 τους The G5179 τυπους Models G3739 ους With G4160 (G5656) εποιησατε Ye Made G4352 (G5721) προσκυνειν To Worship G846 αυτοις Them; G2532 και And G3351 (G5692) μετοικιω I Will Remove G5209 υμας You G1900 επεκεινα Beyond G897 βαβυλωνος Babylon.
Acts 27:20 (IGNT)
  20 G3383 μητε   G1161 δε And Neither G2246 ηλιου Sun G3383 μητε Nor G798 αστρων Stars G2014 (G5723) επιφαινοντων Appearing G1909 επι For G4119 πλειονας Many G2250 ημερας Days, G5494 χειμωνος   G5037 τε And Tempest G3756 ουκ No G3641 ολιγου Small G1945 (G5740) επικειμενου Lying On " Us ", G3063 λοιπον Henceforth G4014 (G5712) περιηρειτο Was Taken Away G3956 πασα All G1680 ελπις Hope G3588 του Of G4982 (G5745) σωζεσθαι Our Being G2248 ημας Saved.
Hebrews 11:12 (IGNT)
  12 G1352 διο Wherefore G2532 και Also G575 αφ From G1520 ενος One G1080 (G5681) εγεννηθησαν Were Born, G2532 και   G5023 ταυτα And That Too G3499 (G5772) νενεκρωμενου Of "one" Having Become Dead, G2531 καθως Even As G3588 τα The G798 αστρα Stars G3588 του Of The G3772 ουρανου Heaven G3588 τω In G4128 πληθει Multitude, G2532 και And G5616 ωσει As G285 αμμος Sand G3588 η Which "is" G3844 παρα By G3588 το The G5491 χειλος Shore G3588 της Of The G2281 θαλασσης Sea G3588 η The G382 αναριθμητος Countless.
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