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Mark 6:3 (IGNT)
  3 G3756 ουκ Not G3778 ουτος This G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is G3588 ο The G5045 τεκτων Carpenter, G3588 ο The G5207 υιος Son G3137 μαριας Of Mary, G80 αδελφος   G1161 δε And Brother G2385 ιακωβου Of James G2532 και And G2499 ιωση Joses G2532 και And G2455 ιουδα Judas G2532 και And G4613 σιμωνος Simon? G2532 και   G3756 ουκ And G1526 (G5748) εισιν   G3588 αι Are Not G79 αδελφαι   G846 αυτου His Sisters G5602 ωδε Here G4314 προς With G2248 ημας Us? G2532 και And G4624 (G5712) εσκανδαλιζοντο They Were Offended G1722 εν In G846 αυτω Him.
Luke 10:40 (IGNT)
  40 G3588 η   G1161 δε But G3136 μαρθα Martha G4049 (G5712) περιεσπατο Was Distracted G4012 περι About G4183 πολλην Much G1248 διακονιαν Service; G2186 (G5631) επιστασα   G1161 δε And Coming Up G2036 (G5627) ειπεν She Said, G2962 κυριε   G3756 ου Lord, G3199 (G5904) μελει Is It No Concern G4671 σοι To Thee G3754 οτι   G3588 η That G79 αδελφη   G3450 μου My Sister G3441 μονην Alone G3165 με Me G2641 (G5627) κατελιπεν Left G1247 (G5721) διακονειν To Serve? G2036 (G5628) ειπε Speak G3767 ουν Therefore G846 αυτη To Her G2443 ινα That G3427 μοι Me G4878 (G5638) συναντιλαβηται She May Help.
Luke 14:26 (IGNT)
  26 G1487 ει If G5100 τις Any One G2064 (G5736) ερχεται Comes G4314 προς To G3165 με Me, G2532 και   G3756 ου And G3404 (G5719) μισει   G3588 τον Hates Not G3962 πατερα   G1438 εαυτου His Father G2532 και   G3588 την And G3384 μητερα Mother G2532 και   G3588 την And G1135 γυναικα Wife G2532 και   G3588 τα And G5043 τεκνα Children G2532 και   G3588 τους And G80 αδελφους Brothers G2532 και   G3588 τας And G79 αδελφας   G2089 ετι Sisters, G1161 δε And Besides G2532 και   G3588 την   G1438 εαυτου Also G5590 ψυχην   G3756 ου His Own Life, G1410 (G5736) δυναται   G3450 μου He Cannot G3101 μαθητης My Disciple G1511 (G5750) ειναι Be;
John 11:28 (IGNT)
  28 G2532 και And G5023 ταυτα These Things G2036 (G5631) ειπουσα Having Said G565 (G5627) απηλθεν She Went Away, G2532 και And G5455 (G5656) εφωνησεν Called G3137 μαριαν   G3588 την Mary G79 αδελφην   G846 αυτης Her Sister G2977 λαθρα Secretly, G2036 (G5631) ειπουσα Saying, G3588 ο The G1320 διδασκαλος Teacher G3918 (G5748) παρεστιν Is Come G2532 και And G5455 (G5719) φωνει Calls G4571 σε Thee.
John 19:25 (IGNT)
  25 G2476 (G5715) ειστηκεισαν   G1161 δε And Stood G3844 παρα By G3588 τω The G4716 σταυρω   G3588 του Cross G2424 ιησου   G3588 η Of Jesus G3384 μητηρ   G846 αυτου His Mother, G2532 και And G3588 η The G79 αδελφη   G3588 της Sister G3384 μητρος   G846 αυτου Of His Mother, G3137 μαρια Mary G3588 η   G3588 του The "wife" G2832 κλωπα Of Cleopas, G2532 και And G3137 μαρια Mary G3588 η The G3094 μαγδαληνη Magdalene.
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