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Acts 26:10 (IGNT)
  10 G3739 ο WHICH G2532 και ALSO G4160 (G5656) εποιησα I DID G1722 εν IN G2414 ιεροσολυμοις JERUSALEM G2532 και AND G4183 πολλους MANY G3588 των OF THE G40 αγιων SAINTS G1473 εγω I G5438 φυλακαις IN PRISONS G2623 (G5656) κατεκλεισα SHUT UP, G3588 την THE G3844 παρα FROM G3588 των THE G749 αρχιερεων CHIEF PRIESTS G1849 εξουσιαν AUTHORITY G2983 (G5631) λαβων HAVING RECEIVED; G337 (G5746) αναιρουμενων   G5037 τε AND BEING PUT TO DEATH G846 αυτων THEY G2702 (G5656) κατηνεγκα I GAVE " MY " VOTE G5586 ψηφον AGAINST "THEM".
Revelation 2:17 (IGNT)
  17 G3588 ο HE THAT G2192 (G5723) εχων HAS G3775 ους AN EAR, G191 (G5657) ακουσατω LET HIM HEAR G5101 τι WHAT G3588 το THE G4151 πνευμα SPIRIT G3004 (G5719) λεγει SAYS G3588 ταις TO THE G1577 εκκλησιαις ASSEMBLIES. G3588 τω TO HIM THAT G3528 (G5723) νικωντι OVERCOMES, G1325 (G5692) δωσω I WILL GIVE G846 αυτω TO HIM G5315 (G5629) φαγειν TO EAT G575 απο OF G3588 του THE G3131 μαννα MANNA G3588 του THE G2928 (G5772) κεκρυμμενου HIDDEN; G2532 και AND G1325 (G5692) δωσω I WILL GIVE G846 αυτω TO HIM A G5586 ψηφον PEBBLE G3022 λευκην WHITE, G2532 και AND G1909 επι ON G3588 την THE G5586 ψηφον PEBBLE G3686 ονομα A NAME G2537 καινον NEW G1125 (G5772) γεγραμμενον WRITTEN, G3739 ο WHICH G3762 ουδεις NO ONE G1097 (G5627) εγνω KNEW G1487 ει   G3361 μη EXCEPT G3588 ο HE WHO G2983 (G5723) λαμβανων RECEIVES "IT".