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John 4:52 (IGNT)
  52 G4441 (G5633) επυθετο He Inquired G3767 ουν Therefore G3844 παρ From G846 αυτων Them G3588 την The G5610 ωραν Hour G1722 εν In G3739 η Which G2866 κομψοτερον Better G2192 (G5627) εσχεν He Got. G2532 και And G2036 (G5627) ειπον They Said G846 αυτω   G3754 οτι To Him, G5504 χθες Yesterday "at The" G5610 ωραν Hour G1442 εβδομην Seventh G863 (G5656) αφηκεν Left G846 αυτον Him G3588 ο The G4446 πυρετος Fever.