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James 1:17 (IGNT)
  17 G3956 πασα Every G1394 δοσις Act Of Giving G18 αγαθη Good G2532 και And G3956 παν Every G1434 δωρημα Gift G5046 τελειον Perfect G509 ανωθεν From Above G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is G2597 (G5723) καταβαινον Coming Down G575 απο From G3588 του The G3962 πατρος   G3588 των Father G5457 φωτων Of Lights, G3844 παρ With G3739 ω Whom G3756 ουκ   G1762 (G5748) ενι There Is Not G3883 παραλλαγη Variation, G2228 η Or G5157 τροπης Of Turning G644 αποσκιασμα Shadow.