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John 4:42 (IGNT)
  42 G3588 τη   G5037 τε AND TO THE G1135 γυναικι WOMAN G3004 (G5707) ελεγον   G3754 οτι THEY SAID, G3765 ουκετι NO LONGER G1223 δια   G3588 την BECAUSE OF G4674 σην THY G2981 λαλιαν SAYING G4100 (G5719) πιστευομεν WE BELIEVE, G846 αυτοι   G1063 γαρ FOR OURSELVES G191 (G5754) ακηκοαμεν HAVE HEARD, G2532 και AND G1492 (G5758) οιδαμεν WE KNOW G3754 οτι THAT G3778 ουτος THIS G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G230 αληθως TRULY G3588 ο THE G4990 σωτηρ SAVIOUR G3588 του OF THE G2889 κοσμου WORLD, G3588 ο THE G5547 χριστος CHRIST.
1 Timothy 4:10 (IGNT)
  10 G1519 εις   G5124 τουτο   G1063 γαρ FOR, FOR THIS G2532 και BOTH G2872 (G5719) κοπιωμεν WE LABOUR G2532 και AND G3679 (G5743) ονειδιζομεθα ARE REPROACHED, G3754 οτι BECAUSE G1679 (G5758) ηλπικαμεν WE HAVE HOPE G1909 επι IN G2316 θεω A GOD G2198 (G5723) ζωντι LIVING, G3739 ος WHO G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G4990 σωτηρ PRESERVER G3956 παντων OF ALL G444 ανθρωπων MEN, G3122 μαλιστα SPECIALLY G4103 πιστων OF BELIEVERS.
2 Timothy 1:10 (IGNT)
  10 G5319 (G5685) φανερωθεισαν   G1161 δε BUT MADE MANIFEST G3568 νυν NOW G1223 δια BY G3588 της THE G2015 επιφανειας APPEARING G3588 του   G4990 σωτηρος   G2257 ημων OF OUR SAVIOUR G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G2673 (G5660) καταργησαντος   G3303 μεν   G3588 τον WHO ANNULLED G2288 θανατον DEATH, G5461 (G5660) φωτισαντος BROUGHT TO LIGHT G1161 δε AND G2222 ζωην LIFE G2532 και AND G861 αφθαρσιαν INCORRUPTIBILITY G1223 δια BY G3588 του THE G2098 ευαγγελιου GLAD TIDINGS;
Titus 1:3 (IGNT)
  3 G5319 (G5656) εφανερωσεν   G1161 δε BUT MANIFESTED G2540 καιροις   G2398 ιδιοις IN ITS OWN SEASONS G3588 τον   G3056 λογον   G846 αυτου HIS WORD G1722 εν IN "THE" G2782 κηρυγματι PROCLAMATION G3739 ο WHICH G4100 (G5681) επιστευθην WAS ENTRUSTED WITH G1473 εγω I G2596 κατ ACCORDING TO "THE" G2003 επιταγην   G3588 του COMMANDMENT G4990 σωτηρος OF SAVIOUR G2257 ημων OUR G2316 θεου GOD;
2 Peter 1:1 (IGNT)
  1 G4826 συμεων SIMON G4074 πετρος PETER, G1401 δουλος BONDMAN G2532 και AND G652 αποστολος APOSTLE G2424 ιησου OF JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G3588 τοις TO THOSE WHO G2472 ισοτιμον LIKE PRECIOUS G2254 ημιν WITH US G2975 (G5631) λαχουσιν OBTAINED G4102 πιστιν FAITH G1722 εν THROUGH "THE" G1343 δικαιοσυνη RIGHTEOUSNESS G3588 του   G2316 θεου   G2257 ημων OF OUR GOD G2532 και AND G4990 σωτηρος SAVIOUR G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST :
2 Peter 2:20 (IGNT)
  20 G1487 ει   G1063 γαρ FOR IF G668 (G5631) αποφυγοντες HAVING ESCAPED G3588 τα THE G3393 μιασματα POLLUTIONS G3588 του OF THE G2889 κοσμου WORLD G1722 εν THROUGH "THE" G1922 επιγνωσει KNOWLEDGE G3588 του OF THE G2962 κυριου LORD G2532 και AND G4990 σωτηρος SAVIOUR G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G5125 τουτοις BY THESE G1161 δε BUT G3825 παλιν AGAIN G1707 (G5651) εμπλακεντες HAVING BEEN ENTANGLED G2274 (G5736) ηττωνται THEY ARE SUBDUED, G1096 (G5754) γεγονεν HAS BECOME G846 αυτοις TO THEM G3588 τα THE G2078 εσχατα LAST "STATE" G5501 χειρονα WORSE G3588 των THAN THE G4413 πρωτων FIRST.
2 Peter 3:18 (IGNT)
  18 G837 (G5720) αυξανετε   G1161 δε BUT GROW G1722 εν IN G5485 χαριτι GRACE, G2532 και AND G1108 γνωσει IN "THE" KNOWLEDGE G3588 του   G2962 κυριου   G2257 ημων OF OUR LORD G2532 και AND G4990 σωτηρος SAVIOUR G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST. G846 αυτω   G3588 η TO HIM "BE" G1391 δοξα GLORY G2532 και BOTH G3568 νυν NOW G2532 και AND G1519 εις TO "THE" G2250 ημεραν DAY G165 αιωνος OF ETERNITY. G281 αμην AMEN.