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Acts 28:16 (IGNT)
  16 G3753 οτε And G1161 δε When G2064 (G5627) ηλθομεν We Came G1519 εις To G4516 ρωμην Rome G3588 ο The G1543 εκατονταρχος Centurion G3860 (G5656) παρεδωκεν Delivered G3588 τους The G1198 δεσμιους Prisoners G3588 τω To The G4759 στρατοπεδαρχη   G3588 τω Commander Of The Camp, G1161 δε But G3972 παυλω Paul G2010 (G5681) επετραπη Was Allowed G3306 (G5721) μενειν To Remain G2596 καθ By G1438 εαυτον Himself, G4862 συν With G3588 τω The G5442 (G5723) φυλασσοντι Who Kept G846 αυτον Him G4757 στρατιωτη Soldier.