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1 Thessalonians 2:17 (IGNT)
  17 G2249 ημεις   G1161 δε But We, G80 αδελφοι Brethren, G642 (G5685) απορφανισθεντες Having Been Bereaved G575 αφ Of G5216 υμων You G4314 προς For G2540 καιρον Time G5610 ωρας Of An Hour G4383 προσωπω In Face, G3756 ου Not G2588 καρδια In Heart, G4056 περισσοτερως More Abundantly G4704 (G5656) εσπουδασαμεν Were Diligent G3588 το   G4383 προσωπον   G5216 υμων Your Face G1492 (G5629) ιδειν To See G1722 εν With G4183 πολλη Much G1939 επιθυμια Desire;
2 Peter 1:10 (IGNT)
  10 G1352 διο Wherefore G3123 μαλλον Rather, G80 αδελφοι Brethren, G4704 (G5657) σπουδασατε Be Diligent G949 βεβαιαν Sure G5216 υμων   G3588 την Your G2821 κλησιν Calling G2532 και And G1589 εκλογην Election G4160 (G5733) ποιεισθαι To Make, G5023 ταυτα   G1063 γαρ For These Things G4160 (G5723) ποιουντες Doing G3756 ου   G3361 μη In No Wise G4417 (G5661) πταισητε Shall Ye Stumble G4218 ποτε At Any Time.