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Matthew 12:44 (IGNT)
  44 G5119 τοτε Then G3004 (G5719) λεγει He Says, G1994 (G5692) επιστρεψω I Will Return G1519 εις   G3588 τον To G3624 οικον   G3450 μου My House, G3606 οθεν Whence G1831 (G5627) εξηλθον I Came Out. G2532 και And G2064 (G5631) ελθον Having Come G2147 (G5719) ευρισκει He Finds "it" G4980 (G5723) σχολαζοντα Unoccupied, G4563 (G5772) σεσαρωμενον Swept G2532 και And G2885 (G5772) κεκοσμημενον Adorned.
Luke 15:8 (IGNT)
  8 G2228 η Or G5101 τις What G1135 γυνη Woman G1406 δραχμας Drachmas G2192 (G5723) εχουσα Having G1176 δεκα Ten, G1437 εαν If G622 (G5661) απολεση She Should Lose G1406 δραχμην Drachma G1520 μιαν   G3780 ουχι One, G681 (G5719) απτει Lights Not G3088 λυχνον A Lamp G2532 και And G4563 (G5719) σαροι Sweeps G3588 την The G3614 οικιαν House G2532 και And G2212 (G5719) ζητει Seeks G1960 επιμελως Carefully G2193 εως   G3755 οτου Until G2147 (G5632) ευρη She Find "it"?