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Strong's G45

From the same as G43; an “anchor” (as crooked)

KJV Usage: anchor.

Acts 27:30 (IGNT)
  30 G3588 των But G1161 δε The G3492 ναυτων Sailors G2212 (G5723) ζητουντων Seeking G5343 (G5629) φυγειν To Flee G1537 εκ Out Of G3588 του The G4143 πλοιου Ship, G2532 και And G5465 (G5660) χαλασαντων Having Let Down G3588 την The G4627 σκαφην Boat G1519 εις Into G3588 την The G2281 θαλασσαν Sea, G4392 προφασει With Pretext G5613 ως As G1537 εκ From "the" G4408 πρωρας Prow G3195 (G5723) μελλοντων Being About G45 αγκυρας Anchors G1614 (G5721) εκτεινειν To Cast Out,
Acts 27:40 (IGNT)
  40 G2532 και And G3588 τας The G45 αγκυρας Anchors G4014 (G5631) περιελοντες Having Cut Away G1439 (G5707) ειων They Left G1519 εις In G3588 την The G2281 θαλασσαν Sea, G260 αμα At The Same Time G447 (G5631) ανεντες Having Loosened G3588 τας The G2202 ζευκτηριας Bands G3588 των Of The G4079 πηδαλιων Rudders, G2532 και And G1869 (G5660) επαραντες Having Hoisted G3588 τον The G736 αρτεμονα Foresail G3588 τη To The G4154 (G5723) πνεουση Wind G2722 (G5707) κατειχον They Made G1519 εις For G3588 τον The G123 αιγιαλον Shore.