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Mark 10:51 (IGNT)
  51 G2532 και And G611 (G5679) αποκριθεις Answering G3004 (G5719) λεγει Says G846 αυτω   G3588 ο To Him G2424 ιησους Jesus, G5101 τι What G2309 (G5719) θελεις Doest Thou Desire G4160 (G5661) ποιησω I Should Do G4671 σοι   G3588 ο To Thee? G1161 δε And The G5185 τυφλος Blind "man" G2036 (G5627) ειπεν Said G846 αυτω To Him, G4462 ραββονι Master, G2443 ινα That G308 (G5661) αναβλεψω I May Receive Sight.