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Matthew 21:31 (IGNT)
  31 G5101 τις Which G1537 εκ Of G3588 των The G1417 δυο Two G4160 (G5656) εποιησεν Did G3588 το The G2307 θελημα Will G3588 του Of The G3962 πατρος Father? G3004 (G5719) λεγουσιν They Say G846 αυτω To Him, G3588 ο The G4413 πρωτος First. G3004 (G5719) λεγει Says G846 αυτοις   G3588 ο To Them G2424 ιησους Jesus, G281 αμην Verily G3004 (G5719) λεγω I Say G5213 υμιν To You, G3754 οτι That G3588 οι The G5057 τελωναι Tax Gatherers G2532 και And G3588 αι The G4204 πορναι Harlots G4254 (G5719) προαγουσιν Go Before G5209 υμας You G1519 εις Into G3588 την The G932 βασιλειαν   G3588 του Kingdom G2316 θεου Of God.
Matthew 21:32 (IGNT)
  32 G2064 (G5627) ηλθεν   G1063 γαρ For Came G4314 προς To G5209 υμας You G2491 ιωαννης John G1722 εν In "the" G3598 οδω Way G1343 δικαιοσυνης Of Righteousness, G2532 και   G3756 ουκ And G4100 (G5656) επιστευσατε Ye Did Not Believe G846 αυτω   G3588 οι Him, G1161 δε But The G5057 τελωναι Tax Gatherers G2532 και And G3588 αι The G4204 πορναι Harlots G4100 (G5656) επιστευσαν Believed G846 αυτω Him; G5210 υμεις   G1161 δε But Ye G1492 (G5631) ιδοντες   G3756 ου Having Seen G3338 (G5675) μετεμεληθητε Did Not Repent G5305 υστερον   G3588 του Afterwards G4100 (G5658) πιστευσαι To Believe G846 αυτω Him.
1 Corinthians 6:15 (IGNT)
  15 G3756 ουκ   G1492 (G5758) οιδατε   G3754 οτι Know Ye Not That G3588 τα   G4983 σωματα   G5216 υμων Your Bodies G3196 μελη Members G5547 χριστου Of Christ G2076 (G5748) εστιν Are? G142 (G5660) αρας Having Taken G3767 ουν Then G3588 τα The G3196 μελη Members G3588 του Of The G5547 χριστου Christ, G4160 (G5661) ποιησω Shall I Make "them" G4204 πορνης Of A Harlot G3196 μελη Members? G3361 μη   G1096 (G5636) γενοιτο May It Not Be!
Revelation 17:1 (IGNT)
  1 G2532 και And G2064 (G5627) ηλθεν Came G1520 εις One G1537 εκ Of G3588 των The G2033 επτα Seven G32 αγγελων Angels G3588 των Of Those G2192 (G5723) εχοντων Having G3588 τας The G2033 επτα Seven G5357 φιαλας Bowls, G2532 και And G2980 (G5656) ελαλησεν Spoke G3326 μετ With G1700 εμου Me, G3004 (G5723) λεγων Saying G3427 μοι To Me, G1204 (G5773) δευρο Come Here, G1166 (G5692) δειξω I Will Shew G4671 σοι Thee G3588 το The G2917 κριμα Sentence G3588 της Of The G4204 πορνης   G3588 της Harlot G3173 μεγαλης Great, G3588 της Who G2521 (G5740) καθημενης Sits G1909 επι Upon G3588 των The G5204 υδατων   G3588 των Waters G4183 πολλων Many;
Revelation 17:5 (IGNT)
  5 G2532 και And G1909 επι Upon G3588 το   G3359 μετωπον   G846 αυτης Her Forehead G3686 ονομα A Name G1125 (G5772) γεγραμμενον Written, G3466 μυστηριον Mystery, G897 βαβυλων Babylon G3588 η The G3173 μεγαλη Great, G3588 η The G3384 μητηρ Mother G3588 των Of The G4204 πορνων Harlots G2532 και And G3588 των Of The G946 βδελυγματων Abominations G3588 της Of The G1093 γης Earth.
Revelation 17:16 (IGNT)
  16 G2532 και And G3588 τα The G1176 δεκα Ten G2768 κερατα Horns G3739 α Which G1492 (G5627) ειδες Thou Sawest G1909 επι Upon G3588 το The G2342 θηριον Beast, G3778 ουτοι These G3404 (G5692) μισησουσιν Shall Hate G3588 την The G4204 πορνην Harlot, G2532 και And G2049 (G5772) ηρημωμενην Desolate G4160 (G5692) ποιησουσιν Shall Make G846 αυτην Her G2532 και And G1131 γυμνην Naked, G2532 και   G3588 τας And G4561 σαρκας Flesh G846 αυτης Her G5315 (G5688) φαγονται Shall Eat, G2532 και And G846 αυτην Her G2618 (G5692) κατακαυσουσιν Shall Burn G1722 εν With G4442 πυρι Fire;
Revelation 19:2 (IGNT)
  2 G3754 οτι For G228 αληθιναι True G2532 και And G1342 δικαιαι Righteous "are" G3588 αι   G2920 κρισεις   G846 αυτου His Judgments; G3754 οτι For G2919 (G5656) εκρινεν He Judged G3588 την The G4204 πορνην   G3588 την Harlot G3173 μεγαλην Great, G3748 ητις Who G5351 (G5707) εφθειρεν Corrupted G3588 την The G1093 γην Earth G1722 εν With G3588 τη   G4202 πορνεια   G846 αυτης Her Fornication, G2532 και And G1556 (G5656) εξεδικησεν He Did Avenge G3588 το The G129 αιμα   G3588 των Blood G1401 δουλων Bondmen G846 αυτου Of His G1537 εκ At G3588 της   G5495 χειρος   G846 αυτης Her Hand.