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Acts 26:24 (IGNT)
  24 G5023 ταυτα   G1161 δε AND THESE THINGS G846 αυτου UTTERING G626 (G5740) απολογουμενου   G3588 ο IN HIS DEFENCE, G5347 φηστος FESTUS G3173 μεγαλη   G3588 τη WITH LOUD G5456 φωνη VOICE G5346 (G5713) εφη SAID, G3105 (G5736) μαινη THOU ART MAD, G3972 παυλε   G3588 τα PAUL; G4183 πολλα MUCH G4571 σε THEE G1121 γραμματα LEARNING G1519 εις TO G3130 μανιαν MADNESS G4062 (G5719) περιτρεπει TURNS.