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Luke 19:43 (IGNT)
  43 G3754 οτι For G2240 (G5692) ηξουσιν Shall Come G2250 ημεραι Days G1909 επι Upon G4571 σε Thee G2532 και That G4016 (G5692) περιβαλουσιν   G3588 οι Shall Cast About G2190 εχθροι   G4675 σου Thine Enemies G5482 χαρακα A Rampart G4671 σοι Thee, G2532 και And G4033 (G5692) περικυκλωσουσιν Shall Close Around G4571 σε Thee G2532 και And G4912 (G5692) συνεξουσιν Keep In G4571 σε Thee G3840 παντοθεν On Every Side,
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