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Strong's G395

From G393; a rising of light, that is, dawn (figuratively); by implication the east (also in plural)

KJV Usage: dayspring, east, rising.

Matthew 2:1 (IGNT)
  1 G3588 του   G1161 δε Now G2424 ιησου Jesus G1080 (G5685) γεννηθεντος Having Been Born G1722 εν In G965 βηθλεεμ   G3588 της Bethlehem G2449 ιουδαιας Of Judea, G1722 εν In G2250 ημεραις "the" Days G2264 ηρωδου Of Herod G3588 του The G935 βασιλεως King, G2400 (G5628) ιδου Behold, G3097 μαγοι Magi G575 απο From G395 ανατολων "the" East G3854 (G5633) παρεγενοντο Arrived G1519 εις At G2414 ιεροσολυμα Jerusalem,
Matthew 2:2 (IGNT)
  2 G3004 (G5723) λεγοντες Saying, G4226 που Where G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is G3588 ο He Who G5088 (G5685) τεχθεις Has Been Born G935 βασιλευς King G3588 των Of The G2453 ιουδαιων Jews? G1492 (G5627) ειδομεν For We G1063 γαρ Saw G846 αυτου   G3588 τον His G792 αστερα Star G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G395 ανατολη East, G2532 και And G2064 (G5627) ηλθομεν Are Come G4352 (G5658) προσκυνησαι To Do Homage G846 αυτω To Him.
Matthew 2:9 (IGNT)
  9 G3588 οι   G1161 δε And They G191 (G5660) ακουσαντες Having Heard G3588 του The G935 βασιλεως King, G4198 (G5675) επορευθησαν Went Away; G2532 και And G2400 (G5628) ιδου Behold, G3588 ο The G792 αστηρ Star, G3739 ον Which G1492 (G5627) ειδον They Saw G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G395 ανατολη East, G4254 (G5707) προηγεν Went Before G846 αυτους Them, G2193 εως Until G2064 (G5631) ελθων Having Come G2476 (G5627) εστη It Stood G1883 επανω Over G3757 ου Where G2258 (G5713) ην Was G3588 το The G3813 παιδιον Little Child.
Matthew 8:11 (IGNT)
  11 G3004 (G5719) λεγω   G1161 δε But I Say G5213 υμιν To You, G3754 οτι That G4183 πολλοι Many G575 απο From G395 ανατολων East G2532 και And G1424 δυσμων West G2240 (G5692) ηξουσιν Shall Come, G2532 και And G347 (G5701) ανακλιθησονται Shall Recline "at Table" G3326 μετα With G11 αβρααμ Abraham G2532 και And G2464 ισαακ Isaac G2532 και And G2384 ιακωβ Jacob G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G932 βασιλεια Kingdom G3588 των Of The G3772 ουρανων Heavens;
Matthew 24:27 (IGNT)
  27 G5618 ωσπερ   G1063 γαρ For As G3588 η The G796 αστραπη Lightning G1831 (G5736) εξερχεται Comes Forth G575 απο From "the" G395 ανατολων East G2532 και And G5316 (G5727) φαινεται Appears G2193 εως As Far As "the" G1424 δυσμων West, G3779 ουτως So G2071 (G5704) εσται Shall Be G2532 και Also G3588 η The G3952 παρουσια Coming G3588 του Of The G5207 υιου   G3588 του Son G444 ανθρωπου Of Man.
Revelation 7:2 (IGNT)
  2 G2532 και And G1492 (G5627) ειδον I Saw G243 αλλον Another G32 αγγελον Angel G305 (G5631) αναβαντα Having Ascended G575 απο From "the" G395 ανατολης Rising G2246 ηλιου Of "the" Sun, G2192 (G5723) εχοντα Having G4973 σφραγιδα "the" Seal G2316 θεου Of God "the" G2198 (G5723) ζωντος Living; G2532 και And G2896 (G5656) εκραξεν He Cried G5456 φωνη With A Voice G3173 μεγαλη Loud G3588 τοις To The G5064 τεσσαρσιν Four G32 αγγελοις Angels G3739 οις To Whom G1325 (G5681) εδοθη It Was Given G846 αυτοις To Them G91 (G5658) αδικησαι To Injure G3588 την The G1093 γην Earth G2532 και And G3588 την The G2281 θαλασσαν Sea,
Revelation 16:12 (IGNT)
  12 G2532 και And G3588 ο The G1623 εκτος Sixth G32 αγγελος Angel G1632 (G5656) εξεχεεν Poured Out G3588 την   G5357 φιαλην   G846 αυτου His Bowl G1909 επι Upon G3588 τον The G4215 ποταμον   G3588 τον River G3173 μεγαν Great, G3588 τον The G2166 ευφρατην Euphrates; G2532 και And G3583 (G5681) εξηρανθη   G3588 το Was Dried Up G5204 υδωρ Water G846 αυτου Its, G2443 ινα That G2090 (G5686) ετοιμασθη Might Be Prepared G3588 η The G3598 οδος Way G3588 των Of The G935 βασιλεων Kings G3588 των The G575 απο From G395 ανατολων Rising G2246 ηλιου Of "the" Sun.