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Matthew 2:16 (IGNT)
  16 G5119 τοτε Then G2264 ηρωδης Herod, G1492 (G5631) ιδων Having Seen G3754 οτι That G1702 (G5681) ενεπαιχθη He Was Mocked G5259 υπο By G3588 των The G3097 μαγων Magi, G2373 (G5681) εθυμωθη Was Enraged G3029 λιαν Greatly, G2532 και And G649 (G5660) αποστειλας Having Sent G337 (G5627) ανειλεν He Put To Death G3956 παντας All G3588 τους The G3816 παιδας Boys G3588 τους That "were" G1722 εν In G965 βηθλεεμ Bethlehem G2532 και And G1722 εν In G3956 πασιν   G3588 τοις All G3725 οριοις   G846 αυτης Its Borders, G575 απο From G1332 διετους Two Years Old G2532 και And G2736 κατωτερω Under, G2596 κατα According To G3588 τον The G5550 χρονον Time G3739 ον Which He Had G198 (G5656) ηκριβωσεν Accurately Inquired G3844 παρα From G3588 των The G3097 μαγων Magi.
Matthew 8:34 (IGNT)
  34 G2532 και And G2400 (G5628) ιδου Behold, G3956 πασα All G3588 η The G4172 πολις City G1831 (G5627) εξηλθεν Went Out G1519 εις To G4877 συναντησιν   G3588 τω Meet G2424 ιησου Jesus; G2532 και And G1492 (G5631) ιδοντες Seeing G846 αυτον Him, G3870 (G5656) παρεκαλεσαν They Besought "him" G3704 οπως That G3327 (G5632) μεταβη He Would Depart G575 απο   G3588 των From G3725 οριων   G846 αυτων Their Borders.
Matthew 15:22 (IGNT)
  22 G2532 και And G2400 (G5628) ιδου Behold, G1135 γυνη A Woman G5478 χαναναια Canaan G575 απο   G3588 των From G3725 οριων   G1565 εκεινων Those Borders G1831 (G5631) εξελθουσα Having Come Out G2905 (G5656) εκραυγασεν Cried G846 αυτω To Him, G3004 (G5723) λεγουσα Saying, G1653 (G5657) ελεησον Have Pity On G3165 με Me, G2962 κυριε Lord, G5207 υιε Son G1138 δαβιδ   G3588 η Of David; G2364 θυγατηρ   G3450 μου My Daughter G2560 κακως Miserably G1139 (G5736) δαιμονιζεται Is Possessed By A Demon.
Matthew 19:1 (IGNT)
  1 G2532 και And G1096 (G5633) εγενετο It Came To Pass G3753 οτε When G5055 (G5656) ετελεσεν   G3588 ο Had Finished G2424 ιησους   G3588 τους Jesus G3056 λογους Words G5128 τουτους These, G3332 (G5656) μετηρεν He Withdrew G575 απο   G3588 της From G1056 γαλιλαιας Galilee, G2532 και And G2064 (G5627) ηλθεν Came G1519 εις To G3588 τα The G3725 ορια   G3588 της Borders G2449 ιουδαιας Of Judea G4008 περαν Beyond G3588 του The G2446 ιορδανου Jordan :
Mark 7:31 (IGNT)
  31 G2532 και And G3825 παλιν Again G1831 (G5631) εξελθων Having Departed G1537 εκ From G3588 των The G3725 οριων Borders G5184 τυρου Of Tyre G2532 και And G4605 σιδωνος Sidon, G2064 (G5627) ηλθεν He Came G4314 προς To G3588 την The G2281 θαλασσαν   G3588 της Sea G1056 γαλιλαιας Of Galilee, G303 ανα Through "the" G3319 μεσον Midst G3588 των Of The G3725 οριων Borders G1179 δεκαπολεως Of Decapolis.
Mark 10:1 (IGNT)
  1 G2547 κακειθεν And Thence G450 (G5631) αναστας Rising Up G2064 (G5736) ερχεται He Comes G1519 εις Into G3588 τα The G3725 ορια   G3588 της Borders G2449 ιουδαιας Of Judea, G1223 δια By G3588 του The G4008 περαν Other Side G3588 του Of The G2446 ιορδανου Jordan. G2532 και And G4848 (G5736) συμπορευονται Come Together G3825 παλιν Again G3793 οχλοι Crowds G4314 προς To G846 αυτον Him, G2532 και And G5613 ως As G1486 (G5715) ειωθει He Had Been Accustomed G3825 παλιν Again G1321 (G5707) εδιδασκεν He Taught G846 αυτους Them.
Acts 13:50 (IGNT)
  50 G3588 οι But G1161 δε The G2453 ιουδαιοι Jews G3951 (G5656) παρωτρυναν Excited G3588 τας The G4576 (G5740) σεβομενας Worshipping G1135 γυναικας Women G2532 και   G3588 τας And G2158 ευσχημονας Honourable G2532 και And G3588 τους The G4413 πρωτους Principal Men G3588 της Of The G4172 πολεως City, G2532 και And G1892 (G5656) επηγειραν Stirred Up G1375 διωγμον A Persecution G1909 επι   G3588 τον Against G3972 παυλον Paul G2532 και   G3588 τον And G921 βαρναβαν Barnabas, G2532 και And G1544 (G5627) εξεβαλον Cast Out G846 αυτους Them G575 απο   G3588 των From G3725 οριων Their G846 αυτων Borders.