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Hebrews 12:5 (IGNT)
  5 G2532 και And G1585 (G5769) εκλελησθε Ye Have Quite Forgotten G3588 της The G3874 παρακλησεως Exhortation, G3748 ητις Which G5213 υμιν To You, G5613 ως As G5207 υιοις To Sons, G1256 (G5736) διαλεγεται He Addresses : G5207 υιε   G3450 μου My Son, G3361 μη   G3643 (G5720) ολιγωρει Despise Not "the" G3809 παιδειας Discipline G2962 κυριου Of "the" Lord, G3366 μηδε Nor G1590 (G5744) εκλυου Faint, G5259 υπ By G846 αυτου Him G1651 (G5746) ελεγχομενος Being Reproved;