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Luke 2:37 (IGNT)
  37 G2532 και And G846 αυτη   G3778 She "was" G5503 χηρα A Widow G5613 ως About G2094 ετων Years G3589 ογδοηκοντατεσσαρων   G5064 Of Eighty - Four, G3739 η Who G3756 ουκ Not G868 (G5711) αφιστατο Departed G575 απο From G3588 του The G2411 ιερου Temple, G3521 νηστειαις With Fastings G2532 και And G1162 δεησεσιν Supplications G3000 (G5723) λατρευουσα Serving G3571 νυκτα Night G2532 και And G2250 ημεραν Day :
Acts 14:23 (IGNT)
  23 G5500 (G5660) χειροτονησαντες   G1161 δε And Having Chosen G846 αυτοις For Them G4245 πρεσβυτερους Elders G2596 κατ In Every G1577 εκκλησιαν Assembly, G4336 (G5666) προσευξαμενοι Having Prayed G3326 μετα With G3521 νηστειων Fastings G3908 (G5639) παρεθεντο They Committed G846 αυτους Them G3588 τω To The G2962 κυριω Lord, G1519 εις On G3739 ον Whom G4100 (G5715) πεπιστευκεισαν They Had Believed.
Acts 27:9 (IGNT)
  9 G2425 ικανου   G1161 δε And Much G5550 χρονου Time G1230 (G5637) διαγενομενου Having Passed G2532 και And G5607 (G5752) οντος Being G2235 ηδη Already G2000 επισφαλους Dangerous G3588 του The G4144 πλοος Voyage, G1223 δια   G3588 το Because G2532 και Also G3588 την The G3521 νηστειαν Fast G2235 ηδη Already G3928 (G5755) παρεληλυθεναι Had Past, G3867 (G5707) παρηνει   G3588 ο Exhorted G3972 παυλος Paul
1 Corinthians 7:5 (IGNT)
  5 G3361 μη Not G650 (G5720) αποστερειτε Defraud G240 αλληλους One Another, G1487 ει   G3361 μη   G5100 τι   G302 αν Unless G1537 εκ By G4859 συμφωνου Consent G4314 προς For G2540 καιρον A Season, G2443 ινα That G4980 (G5725) σχολαζητε   G3588 τη Ye May Be At Leisure G3521 νηστεια For Fasting G2532 και   G3588 τη And G4335 προσευχη For Prayer, G2532 και And G3825 παλιν Again G1909 επι   G3588 το   G846 αυτο Into One Place G4905 (G5741) συνερχησθε Come Together, G2443 ινα That G3361 μη Not G3985 (G5725) πειραζη May Tempt G5209 υμας   G3588 ο You G4567 σατανας Satan G1223 δια Because Of G3588 την   G192 ακρασιαν   G5216 υμων Your Incontinence.