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Acts 21:16 (IGNT)
  16 G4905 (G5627) συνηλθον   G1161 δε AND WENT G2532 και ALSO "SOME" G3588 των OF THE G3101 μαθητων DISCIPLES G575 απο FROM G2542 καισαρειας CAESAREA G4862 συν WITH G2254 ημιν US, G71 (G5723) αγοντες BRINGING "ONE" G3844 παρ WITH G3739 ω WHOM G3579 (G5686) ξενισθωμεν WE MIGHT LODGE, G3416 μνασωνι   G5100 τινι A CERTAIN MNASON, G2953 κυπριω A CYPRIOT, G744 αρχαιω AN OLD G3101 μαθητη DISCIPLE.