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1 Timothy 1:9 (IGNT)
  9 G1492 (G5761) ειδως Knowing G5124 τουτο This, G3754 οτι That G1342 δικαιω For A Righteous "one" G3551 νομος Law G3756 ου   G2749 (G5736) κειται Is Not Enacted, G459 ανομοις   G1161 δε But For Lawless G2532 και And G506 ανυποτακτοις Insubordinate "ones", G765 ασεβεσιν For "the" Ungodly G2532 και And G268 αμαρτωλοις Sinful, G462 ανοσιοις For "the" Unholy G2532 και And G952 βεβηλοις Profane, G3964 πατραλωαις For Smiters Of Fathers G2532 και And G3389 μητραλωαις Smiters Of Mothers; G409 ανδροφονοις For Slayers Of Man,
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