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Acts 7:26 (IGNT)
  26 G3588 τη And G5037 τε On The G1966 (G5752) επιουση Following G2250 ημερα Day G3700 (G5681) ωφθη He Appeared To G846 αυτοις Those Who G3164 (G5740) μαχομενοις Were Contending, G2532 και And G4900 (G5656) συνηλασεν Urged G846 αυτους Them G1519 εις To G1515 ειρηνην Peace, G2036 (G5631) ειπων Saying, G435 ανδρες Men G80 αδελφοι Brethren G2075 (G5748) εστε Are G5210 υμεις Ye G2444 ινατι Why G91 (G5719) αδικειτε Wrong Ye G240 αλληλους One Another?
James 4:2 (IGNT)
  2 G1937 (G5719) επιθυμειτε Ye Desire, G2532 και And G3756 ουκ   G2192 (G5719) εχετε Have Not; G5407 (G5719) φονευετε Ye Kill G2532 και And G2206 (G5719) ζηλουτε Are Emulous, G2532 και And G3756 ου   G1410 (G5736) δυνασθε Are Not Able G2013 (G5629) επιτυχειν To Obtain; G3164 (G5736) μαχεσθε Ye Fight G2532 και And G4170 (G5719) πολεμειτε War, G3756 ουκ   G2192 (G5719) εχετε Ye Have Not G1161 δε But G1223 δια   G3588 το Because G3361 μη Not G154 (G5733) αιτεισθαι Ask G5209 υμας You