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Acts 27:12 (IGNT)
  12 G428 ανευθετου   G1161 δε AND ILL ADAPTED G3588 του THE G3040 λιμενος PORT G5225 (G5723) υπαρχοντος BEING G4314 προς TO G3915 παραχειμασιαν WINTER IN, G3588 οι THE G4119 πλειους MOST G5087 (G5639) εθεντο   G1012 βουλην COUNSELLED G321 (G5683) αναχθηναι TO SET SAIL G2547 κακειθεν THENCE ALSO, G1513 ειπως IF BY ANY MEANS G1410 (G5739) δυναιντο THEY MIGHT BE ABLE G2658 (G5660) καταντησαντες HAVING ARRIVED G1519 εις AT G5405 φοινικα PHOENIX G3914 (G5658) παραχειμασαι TO WINTER " THERE " G3040 λιμενα   G3588 της A PORT G2914 κρητης OF CRETE G991 (G5723) βλεποντα LOOKING G2596 κατα TOWARDS G3047 λιβα SOUTHWEST G2532 και AND G2596 κατα TOWARDS G5566 χωρον NORTHWEST.