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Matthew 21:33 (IGNT)
  33 G243 αλλην Another G3850 παραβολην Parable G191 (G5657) ακουσατε Hear. G444 ανθρωπος A Man G5100 τις Certain G2258 (G5713) ην There Was G3617 οικοδεσποτης A Master Of A House, G3748 οστις Who G5452 (G5656) εφυτευσεν Planted G290 αμπελωνα A Vineyard, G2532 και And G5418 φραγμον A Fence G846 αυτω It G4060 (G5656) περιεθηκεν Placed About, G2532 και And G3736 (G5656) ωρυξεν Dug G1722 εν In G846 αυτω It G3025 ληνον A Winepress, G2532 και And G3618 (G5656) ωκοδομησεν Built G4444 πυργον A Tower, G2532 και And G1554 (G5639) εξεδοτο Let Out G846 αυτον It G1092 γεωργοις To Husbandmen, G2532 και And G589 (G5656) απεδημησεν Left The Country.
Revelation 14:19 (IGNT)
  19 G2532 και And G906 (G5627) εβαλεν Put Forth G3588 ο The G32 αγγελος Angel G3588 το   G1407 δρεπανον   G846 αυτου His Sickle G1519 εις To G3588 την The G1093 γην Earth, G2532 και And G5166 (G5656) ετρυγησεν Gathered G3588 την The G288 αμπελον Vine G3588 της Of The G1093 γης Earth, G2532 και And G906 (G5627) εβαλεν Cast "the Fruit" G1519 εις   G3588 την Into G3025 ληνον Winepress G3588 του Of The G2372 θυμου Fury G3588 του Of G2316 θεου God G3588 την The G3173 μεγαλην Great;
Revelation 14:20 (IGNT)
  20 G2532 και And G3961 (G5681) επατηθη Was Trodden G3588 η The G3025 ληνος Winepress G1854 εξω Outside G3588 της The G4172 πολεως City, G2532 και And G1831 (G5627) εξηλθεν Came Forth G129 αιμα Blood G1537 εκ Out Of G3588 της The G3025 ληνου Winepress G891 αχρι As Far As G3588 των The G5469 χαλινων Bits G3588 των Of The G2462 ιππων Horses, G575 απο To The Distance Of G4712 σταδιων Furlongs G5507 χιλιων A Thousand G1812 εξακοσιων Six Hundred.
Revelation 19:15 (IGNT)
  15 G2532 και And G1537 εκ Out Of G3588 του   G4750 στοματος   G846 αυτου His Mouth G1607 (G5736) εκπορευεται Goes Forth G4501 ρομφαια A Sword G3691 οξεια Sharp, G2443 ινα That G1722 εν With G846 αυτη It G3960 (G5661) πατασση He Might Smite G3588 τα The G1484 εθνη Nations; G2532 και And G846 αυτος He G4165 (G5692) ποιμανει Shall Shepherd G846 αυτους Them G1722 εν With G4464 ραβδω Rod G4603 σιδηρα An Iron; G2532 και And G846 αυτος He G3961 (G5719) πατει Treads G3588 την The G3025 ληνον Press G3588 του Of The G3631 οινου Wine G3588 του Of The G2372 θυμου Fury G2532 και And G3588 της Of The G3709 οργης   G3588 του Wrath G2316 θεου Of God G3588 του The G3841 παντοκρατορος Almighty.