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Luke 10:11 (IGNT)
  11 G2532 και Even G3588 τον The G2868 κονιορτον Dust G3588 τον Which G2853 (G5685) κολληθεντα Clung G2254 ημιν To Us G1537 εκ   G3588 της Out Of G4172 πολεως City G5216 υμων Your G631 (G5731) απομασσομεθα We Wipe Off G5213 υμιν Against You; G4133 πλην Yet G5124 τουτο This G1097 (G5720) γινωσκετε Know, G3754 οτι That G1448 (G5758) ηγγικεν Has Drawn Near G1909 εφ To G5209 υμας You G3588 η The G932 βασιλεια   G3588 του Kingdom G2316 θεου Of God.
Luke 15:15 (IGNT)
  15 G2532 και And G4198 (G5679) πορευθεις Having Gone G2853 (G5681) εκολληθη He Joined Himself G1520 ενι To One G3588 των Of The G4177 πολιτων   G3588 της Citizens G5561 χωρας   G1565 εκεινης Of That Country, G2532 και And G3992 (G5656) επεμψεν He Sent G846 αυτον Him G1519 εις   G3588 τους Into G68 αγρους   G846 αυτου His Fields G1006 (G5721) βοσκειν To Feed G5519 χοιρους Swine.
Acts 9:26 (IGNT)
  26 G3854 (G5637) παραγενομενος   G1161 δε   G3588 ο And Having Arrived G4569 σαυλος Saul G1519 εις At G2419 ιερουσαλημ Jerusalem G3987 (G5711) επειρατο He Attempted G2853 (G5745) κολλασθαι To Join Himself G3588 τοις To The G3101 μαθηταις Disciples, G2532 και And G3956 παντες All G5399 (G5711) εφοβουντο Were Afraid Of G846 αυτον Him, G3361 μη Not G4100 (G5723) πιστευοντες Believing G3754 οτι That G2076 (G5748) εστιν He Is G3101 μαθητης A Disciple.
Acts 10:28 (IGNT)
  28 G5346 (G5713) εφη   G5037 τε And He Said G4314 προς To G846 αυτους Them, G5210 υμεις Ye G1987 (G5736) επιστασθε Know G5613 ως How G111 αθεμιτον Unlawful G2076 (G5748) εστιν It Is G435 ανδρι For A Man G2453 ιουδαιω A Jew G2853 (G5745) κολλασθαι To Unite Himself G2228 η Or G4334 (G5738) προσερχεσθαι Come Near G246 αλλοφυλω To One Of Another Race. G2532 και And G1698 εμοι   G3588 ο To Me G2316 θεος God G1166 (G5656) εδειξεν Showed G3367 μηδενα No G2839 κοινον Common G2228 η Or G169 ακαθαρτον Unclean G3004 (G5721) λεγειν To Call G444 ανθρωπον Man.
Acts 17:34 (IGNT)
  34 G5100 τινες   G1161 δε But Some G435 ανδρες Men G2853 (G5685) κολληθεντες Joining Themselves G846 αυτω To Him G4100 (G5656) επιστευσαν Believed; G1722 εν Among G3739 οις Whom G2532 και Also "was" G1354 διονυσιος Dionysius G3588 ο The G698 αρεοπαγιτης Areopagite, G2532 και And G1135 γυνη A Woman G3686 ονοματι By Name G1152 δαμαρις Damaris G2532 και And G2087 ετεροι Others G4862 συν With G846 αυτοις Them.
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