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1 Corinthians 14:7 (IGNT)
  7 G3676 ομως   G3588 τα Even G895 αψυχα Lifeless Things G5456 φωνην A Sound G1325 (G5723) διδοντα Giving, G1535 ειτε Whether G836 αυλος Pipe G1535 ειτε Or G2788 κιθαρα Harp, G1437 εαν If G1293 διαστολην Distinction G3588 τοις To The G5353 φθογγοις Sounds G3361 μη   G1325 (G5632) δω They Give Not, G4459 πως How G1097 (G5701) γνωσθησεται Shall Be Known G3588 το That G832 (G5746) αυλουμενον Being Piped G2228 η   G3588 το Or G2789 (G5746) κιθαριζομενον Being Harped?
Revelation 14:2 (IGNT)
  2 G2532 και And G191 (G5656) ηκουσα I Heard G5456 φωνην A Voice G1537 εκ Out Of G3588 του The G3772 ουρανου Heaven G5613 ως As G5456 φωνην A Voice G5204 υδατων Of Waters G4183 πολλων Many, G2532 και And G5613 ως As G5456 φωνην A Voice G1027 βροντης Of Thunder G3173 μεγαλης Great : G2532 και And G5456 φωνην A Voice G191 (G5656) ηκουσα I Heard G2790 κιθαρωδων Of Harpers G2789 (G5723) κιθαριζοντων Harping G1722 εν With G3588 ταις   G2788 κιθαραις   G846 αυτων Their Harps.