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1 Corinthians 9:15 (IGNT)
  15 G1473 εγω   G1161 δε But I G3762 ουδενι None G5530 (G5662) εχρησαμην Used G5130 τουτων Of These Things. G3756 ουκ   G1125 (G5656) εγραψα   G1161 δε Now I Did Not Write G5023 ταυτα These Things G2443 ινα That G3779 ουτως Thus G1096 (G5638) γενηται It Should Be G1722 εν With G1698 εμοι Me; " It Were " G2570 καλον Good G1063 γαρ For G3427 μοι For Me G3123 μαλλον Rather G599 (G5629) αποθανειν To Die, G2228 η Than G3588 το   G2745 καυχημα   G3450 μου My Boasting G2443 ινα That G5100 τις Anyone G2758 (G5661) κενωση Should Make Void.
1 Corinthians 9:16 (IGNT)
  16 G1437 εαν   G1063 γαρ For If G2097 (G5735) ευαγγελιζωμαι I Announce The Glad Tidings, G3756 ουκ   G2076 (G5748) εστιν There Is Not G3427 μοι To Me G2745 καυχημα Boasting; G318 αναγκη   G1063 γαρ For Necessity G3427 μοι Me G1945 (G5736) επικειται Is Laid Upon; G3759 ουαι   G1161 δε Woe But G3427 μοι To Me G2076 (G5748) εστιν It Is G1437 εαν If G3361 μη   G2097 (G5735) ευαγγελιζωμαι I Should Not Announce The Glad Tidings.
2 Corinthians 1:14 (IGNT)
  14 G2531 καθως According As G2532 και Also G1921 (G5627) επεγνωτε Ye Did Recognize G2248 ημας Us G575 απο In G3313 μερους Part, G3754 οτι That G2745 καυχημα   G5216 υμων Your Boasting G2070 (G5748) εσμεν We Are, G2509 καθαπερ Even As G2532 και Also G5210 υμεις Ye "are" G2257 ημων Ours G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G2250 ημερα Day G3588 του Of The G2962 κυριου Lord G2424 ιησου Jesus.
2 Corinthians 5:12 (IGNT)
  12 G3756 ου   G1063 γαρ For Not G3825 παλιν Again G1438 εαυτους Ourselves G4921 (G5719) συνιστανομεν Do We Command G5213 υμιν To You, G235 αλλα But G874 αφορμην Occasion G1325 (G5723) διδοντες Are Giving G5213 υμιν To You G2745 καυχηματος Of Boasting G5228 υπερ In Behalf Of G2257 ημων Us, G2443 ινα That G2192 (G5725) εχητε Ye May Have " Such " G4314 προς Towards G3588 τους Those G1722 εν In G4383 προσωπω Appearance G2744 (G5740) καυχωμενους Boasting G2532 και And G3756 ου Not G2588 καρδια In Heart.
2 Corinthians 9:3 (IGNT)
  3 G3992 (G5656) επεμψα   G1161 δε But I Sent G3588 τους The G80 αδελφους Brethern, G2443 ινα   G3361 μη Lest G3588 το   G2745 καυχημα   G2257 ημων Our Boasting G3588 το Which "is" G5228 υπερ About G5216 υμων You G2758 (G5686) κενωθη Should Be Made Void G1722 εν   G3588 τω In G3313 μερει   G5129 τουτω This Respect, G2443 ινα That G2531 καθως According As G3004 (G5707) ελεγον I Said, G3903 (G5772) παρεσκευασμενοι Prepared G5600 (G5753) ητε Ye May Be;
Hebrews 3:6 (IGNT)
  6 G5547 χριστος   G1161 δε But Christ G5613 ως As G5207 υιος Son G1909 επι Over G3588 τον   G3624 οικον   G846 αυτου His House, G3739 ου Whose G3624 οικος House G2070 (G5748) εσμεν Are G2249 ημεις We, G1437 εανπερ If Indeed G3588 την The G3954 παρρησιαν Boldness G2532 και And G3588 το The G2745 καυχημα Boasting G3588 της Of The G1680 ελπιδος Hope G3360 μεχρι Unto "the" G5056 τελους End G949 βεβαιαν Firm G2722 (G5632) κατασχωμεν We Should Hold.