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Strong's G233

From G251; to salt

KJV Usage: salt.

Matthew 5:13 (IGNT)
  13 G5210 υμεις Ye G2075 (G5748) εστε Are G3588 το The G217 αλας Salt G3588 της Of The G1093 γης Earth : G1437 εαν   G1161 δε But If G3588 το The G217 αλας Salt G3471 (G5686) μωρανθη Become Tasteless, G1722 εν With G5101 τινι What G233 (G5701) αλισθησεται Shall It Be Salted? G1519 εις For G3762 ουδεν Nothing Has G2480 (G5719) ισχυει It Strength G2089 ετι   G1487 ει Any Longer, G3361 μη But G906 (G5683) βληθηναι To Be Cast G1854 εξω Out, G2532 και And G2662 (G5745) καταπατεισθαι To Be Trampled Upon G5259 υπο   G3588 των By G444 ανθρωπων Men.